22 Steps To A Healther You

It doesn’t matter if you’re a time-served health fanatic with the scars to prove it or someone who’s trying to shed a few kilos before a holiday or a wedding. The gap between your goals and the here and now can seem more like a gaping ravine than a hop, a skip and a jump.

But once you realise that your goals can only be achieved by taking lots of small steps, it’s like a secret well of wisdom has been revealed to you. It’s impossible to get fit in a day, and maintaining fitness is necessarily an ongoing process. Suddenly, the road looks a lot gentler.

So we asked twenty influential bloggers in the health and wellbeing sector:

“If you could give just one nugget of advice on achieving and sustaining fitness, what would it be?”

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We were delighted with the answers that came back. These aren’t superhumans – they’re just normal people who understand the challenges and have found their own strategies for overcoming them. 

We’ve collected them all together and put them into a great handbook that really could change your life. Have a look at it here. We’re so grateful that the bloggers have shared their tips with us – please show your love by visiting their blogs and following them on social media. We hope our handbook plays its part in inspiring you on your mission.

And most important, Nutri Advanced with you the best of luck in your fitness quest. Just remember: every journey starts with small steps!

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