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2021 marks Nutri Advanced’s 40th birthday and we’d like to share the celebration with our loyal customers who have helped us grow to where we are today. Sign up to our email newsletter to hear about 3 amazing offers we are running over the summer to celebrate. You also can read some of the special memories from our team and highlights from the past 40 years in our 40th Birthday article including contributions from Jeff Bland. We’re also holding a year of giving with 12 charities chosen with special signficance to the Nutri Advanced team and our customers – find out more below.

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Health Professional Resources

We have created a selection of resources specifically for practitioners and students including a vitamin D product
guide, a full technical paper on nutrients for immune health, live webinars in October
and more to be announced soon…



As Nutri Advanced celebrates its 40th anniversary, in this article we look back to the very beginnings of where Nutri Advanced started and some of the highlights we've had along the way.

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Rachel Bartholomew speaks to Nutri Advanced founder and owner Ken Eddie about the company's 40 years in business in this inspiring read.

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View a list of charities and organisation that Nutri Advanced are proud to be supporting. We chose these places to donate to after consultation with our customers and our own team about local causes that were close to their heart and those that supports others in the journey of health.

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26th April 2021

“Having had the joy of working with Nutri Advanced for the last 9 years I have been a part of the growth of the education department. Our focus has been not just to bring cutting edge research to our practitioners through our educational lectures and programmes, but even more importantly we have worked to bring clinical application and clinical support to allow our practitioners to utilise the education and to apply to their clinics with confidence. Our 40th year has started with great celebration in us winning The IHCAN Educators Award for Best Business Support Initiative for the programmes. I look forward to being part of the next 40 years!”

Jo Gamble BA (Hons) Dip CNM AFMCP Fellow ICT

“As a nutritional therapist, I have been recommending Nutri Advanced products to my clients for years. The quality of the products is fantastic and I have observed real therapeutic results. The team are always friendly and online ordering is efficient and quick.”

Claire Clerkin

20th March 2021

“My wife Susan and I were in the Cotswolds about 30 years ago, when we first met you and your wife Caroline. That was the start of this incredible relationship; watching our families grow up, and professionally watching our activities start to develop. The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) was also just starting back then. Thank you Ken, for all these many years, from Burford to here, thanks a million!”

Jeffrey Bland, PhD, FACN, FACB, CNS

“I have had Nutri Advanced products for years now and the results are consistent and good. With top quality ingredients and evidence based research, their products are excellent value for money.”

Penny Taliadoros

“I have used these products for years. Excellent team at the other end of the phone. Always answered quickly if needing more professional knowledge with any questions regarding there products. Thank you.”


(Infographics) 4Rs to Improve Poor Gut Health

These 4 simple steps are an ideal place to start if you are regularly suffering from tummy troubles

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IBS Literature & Articles

If you want to learn more about IBS, we’ve got plenty of information. Start with our Nutritionist’s guide to IBS where we cover IBS symptoms and causes, as well as a plan that can help you to find relief from IBS. We also have articles looking at vitamin D deficiency and the different types of fibre, and their links to IBS.


  • Information Guide - Eskimo-3 Fish Oil - The Facts
  • Map of global omega 3 levels - UK among the lowest
  • Omega 3 & Child Development
  • EPA & DHA - Why you need to supplement.
  • Why is the stability of fish oil so important?
  • Omega 3: Feed Better Behaviour
  • Large study links omega-3 with fewer depression symptoms



Practitioner/ Health Professional Articles

  • Clinical Guide - Eskimo-3 Range
  • Technical Review - Fish Oils and Fatty Acids
  • Technical Paper - The Health Effects Of Natural Stable Fish Oil
  • Technical Paper - Smart Fats For Kids
  • Omega 3: Feed Better Behaviour


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