Adrenal & Thyroid Information

Learn more about adrenal and thyroid health in this comprehensive information hub.


We have created a selection of resources specifically for practitioners including case studies, a guide looking at thyroid & adrenal supplements clinical uses and applications alongside a detailed product guide.

    • Thyroid Case Studies with Jo Gamble

      Thyroid Case Studies with Jo Gamble

      Case studies focusing on thyroid health from the clinic of Jo Gamble BA (HONS) DIP CNM cFM ABAAHP fellow ICT (Embracing Nutrition).

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    • Thyroid Guide to Testing

      Thyroid Guide To Testing

      Guide to testing for a thyroid imbalance which may help patients with symptoms such as fatigue, depression, coldness and constipation amongst many others.

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    • Barnes Axillary Temperature Test

      Barnes Temperature Test

      The Barnes Axillary Temperature Test is a simple, low cost self-test that only requires an oral thermometer and this handy chart to monitor temperature and determine how well the thyroid gland is functioning.

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    • Thyroid Q&A with Genova

      Thyroid Q & A with Genova

      We chatted all things thyroid with Kate Osborne from Genova Diagnostics - one of the UK’s leading functional test providers. Read her clinical insights now.

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    • Hypothyroidism Protocol

      Hypothyroidism Protocol

      In a table format, this protocol provides recommendations on symptom management, addressing underlying issues and ongoing support.

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    • Thyroid Product Guide

      Guide to Thyroid Support Formulas

      Brief and clear to understand with practitioner-focussed product detail. This document explains the benefits of our thyroid support formulas.

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    • Adrenal Stress Testing with Genova

      Adrenal Stress Testing with Genova

      Find out what Genova Diagnostics thinks about chronic stress and one of Genova's most popular tests: the Adrenal Stress Profile.

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    • Thyroid Support Clinical Guide

      Thyroid Support Clinical Guide

      Providing detailed practitioner-focused hypothyroid information, this Thyroid Support Guide looks at a functional medicine approach to thyroid support such as key nutrients for healthy thyroid function and both dietary and lifestyle considerations.

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    • Webinar: Natural Solutions for Hypothyroidism

      Webinar: Natural Solutions for Hypothyroidism

      In a 1-hour webinar Sarah Sharpe addresses hypothyroidism, underlying causes of thyroid illness via central or peripheral regulation of thyroid hormones and explores natural solutions.

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    • Webinar: Instant Expert to Nutri Advanced's Thyroid Products

      Webinar: Instant Expert Guide to Nutri Advanced Thyroid Products

      In this 30-minute webinar focusing on Thyro Complex, Nutri Thyroid and T-Convert, Sarah Sharpe will help practitioners understand the ingredients and differences between Nutri Advanced’s formulas.

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