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Choosing the right supplements can be confusing, but it doesn’t need to be. We want to make life easier for you and make sure you are taking the right product as well as getting the best value for money. We’re happy to be able to share our nutritional expertise and product knowledge via our FREE advice service. If you would like help choosing a product, there are a number of ways we can help you.

Book a 10-minute Product Advice Call with one of our qualified Nutrition Team, at a time to suit you, and a member of the team will call you to discuss your query directly with you.  This service is available to health professionals and members of the public, please just indicate whether you are a health professional or not when making your booking.  NB: You are required to provide an email address when booking, which will be used to send recommendations relating to your enquiry.

Unsure which products are right for you? Why not try our quick 30 second Product Advice Quiz to help you find the perfect supplement recommendations.  Or, you can simply email your questions to our Nutrition Team and one of the expert advisors will get back to you. 

Are you a health professional?

In addition to the support above, we also offer free advice specifically for health professionals directly from our Nutrition Team. Get in touch today by sending across your query and one of our nutritionists will reply. 


You can also join our Facebook group, where we discuss cases and product recommendations in a closed, supportive environment specifically for practitioners.  NB: You will be required to provide proof of practitioner status.



Ultimately, the only way we will know how much vitamin D you need to take is by considering the results of a vitamin D blood test, and then dosing appropriately depending on your result. Many people are deficient in vitamin D, and as such may need a more therapeutic dose initially to raise their levels as quickly as possible. If we placed someone on a therapeutic dose, for example 5000iu/day, we would do so only for 3 months, then insist on a re-test and reassessment of this dosage depending on their result. Once their blood vitamin D level has reached a robust and strong level, we would then drop them down to a daily maintenance level, which for the average adult, may be around 2000iu/day. If you need help interpreting your vitamin D blood results, and working out the most appropriate dose for you, then book in a free 10-minute Advice call from one of our Nutritionists.

It is currently very challenging for many to see their doctor, and many are not willing to test for vitamin D upon request. In instances such as these, we would recommend an excellent at home, pinprick blood test that you can do and then send back to find out your vitamin D levels. It is organised through Birmingham hospital, and currently costs £29. You will have your results in around 2 weeks. You may then book a 10-minute free Advice call with one of our Nutritionists who can advise you what dosage of vitamin D would be best based on your blood test results.

Generally, we recommend that all food supplements should be taken 3-4 hours away from prescription medication. This is a precautionary measure in most cases to ensure the food supplement doesn’t affect the metabolism of the prescription medication. There are some contraindications (interactions) between some nutrients and certain medications so please book a Product Advice Call with one of our Nutrition Experts if you are unsure whether the product you have chosen is suitable to take alongside your prescribed medication. We ask all customers who are seeking nutrition advice to have the name and dosage of their prescribed medication and any other supplements they are taking, with them when they have their product advice call.

Vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 work very closely together in the body, like partners. The vitamin K2 directs the vitamin D to put the calcium into the bones, where it should be, rather than potentially ending up hardening the blood vessels, or building up around the joints, or the kidneys.

Vitamin K2 plays an important role in blood coagulation. Therefore, if someone is taking certain blood thinning medications, there will be a direct interaction. Under these circumstances, vitamin K is contraindicated, and must not be taken. An example is the medication warfarin. There are numerous newer generation medications that work along different pathways in the body, and as such there is no interaction with vitamin K, and it is perfectly safe to take in these circumstances. It is always wise to check. Out expert Nutritionists can do this for you.

Certain antidepressant medications, such as SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) have interactions with certain substances, specifically St John’s Wort, 5HTP and l-tryptophan. As such, specific products of ours that contain these ingredients are contraindicated whilst taking antidepressants. It is always wise to double-check if you’re taking any medications, to ensure no interactions. Please book a Product Advice Call with one of our expert Nutritionists if in any doubt.

There are ongoing issues with the import of products containing animal ingredients into the UK, which has meant that we have had to either reformulate or discontinue some of our products, one of them being Nutri Adrenal. Our recommended alternatives are either Adreset or Ashwagandha 500mg.

There are ongoing issues with the import of products containing animal ingredients into the UK, which has meant that we have had to either reformulate or discontinue some of our products, one of them being Nutri Thyroid. Our recommended alternatives include Thyro Complex and T-Convert.

If you have been recommended a product by a practitioner, please always defer back to their recommendations and advice first. If you don’t have a practitioner, we generally recommend taking a product consistently for at least 2 months to see the benefit to health and your symptoms. After 2 months symptoms can then be reviewed and you can decide either to continue with the product or choose an alternative.

All of our products can be safely taken from age 12 onwards, at the full dose as recommended on the product label. Some of our products are suitable for children younger than 12, please see individual product pages for more information on appropriate dosages, or call Nutri Advanced for more information.

If you find swallowing difficult, or you would like to split the dose of 1 capsule, you can pull a capsule apart and empty the contents into cool or tepid liquid (not hot) and stir well so it doesn’t sink to the bottom or stick to the side of the glass. If the product is a tablet, you can purchase a pill cutter and split the tablet this way, or crush it with a pestle and mortar and add it to liquid or food (again making sure it is not hot).

There are specific instructions for some products so please always check the label for recommendations on how and when to take the products. However, if there is no specific guideline, this means it doesn’t matter what time of day you take this product. Unless otherwise stated food supplements should be taken with food. We find breakfast is usually the best time for most people, but this might vary from person to person.

Due to natural variance of raw ingredients, from time to time you may find that your new pot of product is a slightly different colour/texture/smell to previous pots. Slight variances are completely normal. Any significant changes to colour, texture or taste which are due to product reformulations or changes will be highlighted in the “Product Updates” section on each individual product page.