Bone Support

Around the age of 30, peak bone mass is achieved which means there is the greatest bone density that can be achieved in a lifetime. By maximising peak bone mass, the best possible protection is ensured against natural bone loss that occurs with age. The more bone you have at 30, the more you have at 80! Our bone support supplements have been created to provide the best vitamins for bones with nutrients such as vitamin D, vitamin K2, calcium to support the maintenance of normal bones and magnesium which is important as bone tissue contains over half the body’s total stores.

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  1. Algae-Sourced Calcium
    Your Price  £35.75
    Algae-sourced Calcium is a plant-based calcium formula providing natural calcium and magnesium from red ocean algae, with additional vitamin D3. For the maintenance of normal bones. More »
  2. Collagen Forte Joints + Bones
    Your Price  £28.90
    Collagen Forte Joints + Bones provides 5g collagen hydrolysate together with glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM for joint health, bone health and support for connective tissue. More »
  3. Osteo-P-Complex 120 Capsules
    Your Price  £29.70
    Multivitamin/Mineral Complex with Vitamin K & Boron More »
  4. Bioavailable Calcium & Magnesium
    Your Price  £17.60
    Bioavailable Calcium & Magnesium More »
  5. Vitamin D3 1000iu With K2

    Vitamin D3 with K2

    Your Price  £18.70
    Liquid vitamin D3 formula with vitamin K2 as MK-7 More »
  6. Vitamin K2 Liquid
    Your Price  £18.50
    Vitamin K2 Liquid is a liquid source of vitamin K2 as MenaQ7® which provides 90mcg per half dropper. More »

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