Client Basket

To make it easier for your clients to follow your advice, we’ve created a system on our website where you can email them a basket full of your product recommendations. This basket can be created during your consultation and contain the specific products you would like them to take, along with your advice, which they can add directly to their own basket and check out. Not only will this make it simpler for your clients to place their order, it will also give you the confidence they have ordered the products you have recommended.

To ensure you receive the correct commission on client orders, please make sure your clients are aware that they should register as a client and link to you on the Nutri Advanced website before placing their order.

You can find a guide showing clients how to register on our website and link to you as their practitioner on our Client Guide page.

All clients receive a £10 discount on their first order after linking to their practitioner.

Below you can read our guide which takes you through each step of creating and emailing a client basket.

View our guide to creating and sending a client basket