Understanding How Commissions Work

3 Simple Steps to Earning Commission

As well as holding stock or ordering on behalf of your clients, your clients can order directly with us and you will earn commission on all their orders. All you need to do is make sure you have a registered and verified Healthcare Professional online account, then follow the simple steps below.

Sarah SharpeSarah Sharpe

Your client can create a client account using your surname and postcode to find and link to you as their Healthcare Professional. 

You will receive an email letting you know you have a new linked client account. As a welcome bonus, they'll get £10 off their first order after linking, and they will also receive free postage on all their orders. 

Laura MurphyLaura Murphy

We will pay a standard 25% commission on client's orders on a monthly basis.

Sharing commission scheme

If your client is buying a product you recommend you can choose to share your commission with them, so they are able to buy the products at a discounted price. This may give them the incentive to buy the products you recommend and also give them an additional reason to go through the process of linking their account.

You can allow different discounts to each individual client, it’s entirely up to you who gets which level of discount, if any.

Once your clients sets up a linked account, you will receive an email to ask if you would like to set them a discount of either 5%, 10%, 15% or 33%. Commission, if a clients pay full retail price, is 25%, so if you do offer anybody a discount, the commission generated on those orders will be adjusted accordingly. We call this commission sharing.

Managing your clients

If you would like to change the level of client discount in the future you can do this in the My Account section of the website. In Clients you can see each of your clients, their current level of discount and select a new level of discount 5, 10, 15 or 33% from the drop down menu which will be applied from their next purchase.

Share a basket with a client

To aid client compliance our website allows you to build a basket of your recommendations and share these with your clients.

You can create this basket online via your healthcare professional account as part of your consultation or afterwards in your own time. As well as product recommendations, there’s also space for you to give any specific advice to be sent to the client.

To ensure you receive the correct commission on client orders, please make sure your clients are aware that they should register as a client and link to you on the Nutri Advanced website before placing their order.

Learn more about sharing baskets with clients on our client basket hub.

On this page you'll find a wealth of information about commissions. Should you require further information or have questions please email your enquiry to [email protected].