Nutri Advanced Events

Education is at the heart of everything we do and we're proud to be industry leaders in this field. For us, it’s vital that our Health Professionals understand the health concerns that we're facing in the 21st century so that we can successfully overcome and manage them. So we’ve made it our mission to make education fun, interactive, informative and accessible by providing a selection of high quality events in a variety of formats.

Each year we hold over 40 live events to bring you the latest research and findings from around the globe, delivered by some of the biggest names in functional medicine. Our events range from our large, live seminars which have boasted names such as Jeffrey Bland PhD and Joseph Pizzorno and attract up to 400 health professionals, to smaller and more intimate regional seminars, innovative small group training programmes, and webinars you can watch from the comfort of your own computer. Almost all of our events are CPD accredited so it’s easy to keep on track with your educational requirements.

Whatever your situation we have an event to suit you. If you're a health professional registered with us, take a look at the selection of upcoming events below or why not try one of our previous webinars to give you a taste of what we’re all about.

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