• Functional Medicine Conference 2017

    Functional Medicine Conference 2017

    We're proud to annouce that we're a sponsor for the Functional Medicine Conference 2017. Click to learn more about this inspirational conference of functional medicine education and come and see us on the day for tastings & 10% discount on our products.

    Friday 3rd & 4th November

  • Female Health Series | PMS

    Female Health Series | PMS

    Help your clients to banish the pain of PMS with this one hour protocol based webinar. Jo Gamble will give you an insight into the root causes of PMS in order to help you identify the variety of different ways in which you can support your clients with PMS.

    Monday 13th November

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  • Female Health Series | PCOS

    Female Health Series | PCOS

    Listen to this one hour long protocol based webinar to help you identify those clients with PCOS and also to take an in depth look at what is happening with their hormones to help establish the best course of action.

    Monday 20th November

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  • Female Health Series | Endometriosis & Fibroids

    Female Health Series | Endometriosis & Fibroids

    In this one hour, protocol based webinar, Jo Gamble will talk you through the major causes of these two conditions – over expression of oestrogen and detoxification imbalances – to show you how you can successfully support clients living with these chronic issues using diet, lifestyle and nutrition support.

    Monday 27th November

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  • Female Health Series | Infertility

    Female Health Series | Infertility

    In this one-hour long, protocol based webinar, Jo Gamble will look at some of the common factors in couples who struggle to conceive and show you the ways to support them. This includes the dietary, lifestyle and nutrition changes that can be made to support egg health, sperm health, stress and hormonal balance.

    Monday 4th December

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  • The Toxin Solution with Dr Joseph Pizzorno

    The Toxin Solution with Dr Joseph Pizzorno

    Buy & watch Dr Pizzorno's inspiring detoxification seminar with scientific research & Dr Lara Pizzorno's latest research on nutrients that effect bone health. 

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  • Stress with Jo Gamble

    Stress: The Disease of 21st Century Living

    Stress has become a habitual, almost essential part of 21st century Western living. This 1 hour live webinar will teach you how to help yourself & your clients to break away from this norm and start to do things differently.

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  • IBS: The Fire in the Gut

    IBS: Fire in the Gut

    Gut health problems are a major concern with many clients living with symptoms of poor gastrointestinal health and sometimes debilitating symptoms. Learn effective strategies in this simple 1 hour live webinar about gut health.

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