30 Day Thyroid Challenge

Did you know?
Between 20-50% of adults suffer with a thyroid disorder. We also know that it's one of the top 3 reasons that patients seek alternative medical help.
Regardless of the causes, poor thyroid health is always treated with the same approach in conventional medicine - usually with the prescription of artificial thyroxine. But this leaves the cause unaddressed, allowing it to worsen, not to mention all the risks associated with taking long-term pharmaceutical drugs. So it's essential to know what the other options are.

What can Nutri offer?
Nutri Advanced are market leaders in providing specialist nutritional supplements to healthcare professionals for their patients, and our thyroid range is one of the things that put us on the map. Our practitioners have praised the range for its versatility and efficacy.
Our thyroid range stands apart from our competitors because:

 • Tackles a variety of thyroid issue, rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach
 • Vegetarian and vegan friendly options
 • Can be used alongside medication
 • Offers flexible dosing for different requirements
 • Hormone-free
 • Quality assured - money back guarantee!
 • Well tolerated
 • Safe for longer term use

Please note these programmes are only available for Health Professionals or those seeing a Health Professional.

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