30 Day Weight Challenge Programme

The 30 Day Weight Challenge Programme with Jo Gamble.

Programme Webinar Dates: Wed 8th June 2016 (introduction to programme), Wed 15th June (programme starts), Wed 22nd June, Wed 29th June, Wed 6th July, Wed 13th July.
All webinars will take place from 10.30am to 11.30am

Price: £117.23* - 134.10*/ €134.81* - 155.77* (inc. all info, products and webinars)

*Prices vary according to choice of Ultra (UltraMeal Soy or UltraPro Whey)

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30 Day Weight Loss Challenge 30 Day Weight Challenge Programme

Feel Good About Your Body

Nutri Advanced are re-running our cutting edge weight challenge programme to get you and your clients in shape for those all-important summer holidays! If followed correctly, this programme will help to reinstate a healthy relationship with food by taking a closer look at the psychology behind eating, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of common conditions that interfere with weight loss such as:

  • Adrenal imbalance
  • Thyroid insufficiency
  • Insulin resistance
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Inflammation

You will also have access to a closed Facebook group where you can share your experiences, ask questions or just simply relish in being part of a supportive group.

Jo Gamble

About Jo Gamble

Jo has been a behavioural therapist for the last 15 years where she has specialied in children with autism and complex learning difficulties.

Jo uses her skill and experience to complement her nutrional therapy and has chosen to pursue her passion for making a difference to people with cancer, working alongside them on their journey, leaving no stone unturned

Jo is furthering her own education by currently studying a fellowship in integrative cancer and a certification in functional medicine.

Previous Programme Results

The objective of the programme was for each individual to set themselves goals whether that included weight loss, improving body composition, improviing their relationship with food and to work towards making the neceessary lifestyle changes to acheive these goals in both the short and long term.

Here are some of the results

Weight: 100% of participants recorded a reduction in weight loss over 30 days. Average weight loss was 7.2lbs.
BMI: 100% of participants recorded a drop in BMI. The average loss was 1.17kg/m2.
Upper Arm Measurements: 67% of participants lost centimetres off their upper arms - average loss was 1.3cm.
Chest: 97% of participants lost centimetres of their chest - the average loss was 4cm.
Waist: 100% of participants lost centimetres of their waist - the average loss was 6cm.
Thighs: 80% of participants lost centimetres of their thighs - the average loss was 2.7cm.
Hips: 90% of participants lost centimetres of their hips - the average loss was 3cm.
Waist to Hip Ratio: 77% of participants recorded a reduction in waist:hip ratio, the average loss was 0.04.
MSQ: 93% of participants recorded a reduction in symptoms at the end of the detox. The average reduction in overall score of 24.


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Can't Make These Dates?
If you cannot make the dates of these webinars then don't worry, a recording of each webinar will be sent out shortly after the live webinar so you can catch up.

Recent Testominals

"Slow steady progress. Happy with reduction of BMI and WHR. Need to reduce portion sizes for better progress - comfort eating in cold weather."

"Not lost much weight but lifestyle has completely changed. Joined 2 gym classes and 1 personal training per week. Clearer skin and medical symptoms have halved!"

"I no longer suffer from 'portion distortion' and will continue to eat in the same vein. I am very happy to have lost 3kg of fat and improved my waist/hip ratio. I will continue to exercise most days. I am also very happy to have modified my diet and lifestyle for the better resulting in a better figure and I also believe I will sustain long term good health."

"By day 10 I had hoped to lose more weight though I know this rate is more sustainable/realistic. Energy levels are good. Skin not so good-psoriasis has flared up on elbows as it does if I eat gluten-maybe soy is an issue for me. Pleased with reduction in measurements. By day 30, psoriasis had cleared up. Overall, I found the programme quite easy to follow - the meals were similar to what I normally eat, but I think the protein supplement was key to me having few chocolate cravings which I normally succumb to in the evenings. The last week was a struggle with several social occasions and I was not totally compliant but still had quite pleasing results. Several people have commented that I look radiant and much slimmer. I'm going to continue to take the Gluco-Chrome and ThermoMax."

"Feel lighter, brighter and ready for more! Such an easy challenge for such great results-roll on the next days. Feeling fantastic! No negatives about the plan at all. Loving the recipes and the weight loss-no more yo yo dieting for me. Thank you Jo, Lou and all the team at Nutri, I feel vibrant, energised and a lot lighter."

"Really enjoyed the challenge and pleased with results. Will have a few weeks break to see if I can maintain new diet/eating regime and then do another 30 days. Already ordered products. The recipes were brilliant. Learned new way of cooking and using lentils. Thanks x"

"The programme worked and it showed me where I was eating too much or where I was eating due to emotions/stress so I have been really pleased."

"Everything changed and became energized, much less hungry, not needing snacks and good energy levels and clear headed."

"This was great and deterred me from looking for more unhealthy things."