Eye Health Supplements Explained

Eye health and the role nutrition and supplements can play in supporting healthy vision can be complicated. On this page you'll find more about new research on lutein and zeaxanthin, an diagram of the eye, our latest eye health articles and even a superfood recipe for healthy eyes.

Lutein & Zeaxanthin for Healthy Eyes

Lutein and Zeaxanthin are arguably the most important nutrients for eye health. These powerful antioxidant nutrients cannot be made in the body and therefore must be supplied by the food we eat. Together they form macular pigment, which helps to protect the eyes against the damaging effects of blue light. There is a huge amount of research that demonstrates the significance of lutein and zeaxanthin to protect against and reduce the progression of common eye conditions such as age–related macular degeneration and to protect the sight of healthy individuals too.

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Eye Diagram

Take a closer look at the anatomy of the eye and the eye health conditions that can occur.

Eye Health



Articles about Eye Health & Vitamins for Eyes

In these articles we look closely at conditions that can affect the eye and the nutrients that can help to maintain optimal eye health. In the first article we explain what AMD is, who is at risk, the major causes, and how to make sure your body has enough 'internal sunscreen'. In the second article we cover Cataracts, Dry Eye Syndrome, Glaucoma, AMD & Diabetic Retinopathy in detail and the nutrients that may help. In our final article we explain an everyday food that is a superfood for your eyes and show you a recipe that is packed full of eye-healthy carotenoids.

Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and How to Reduce The Risk

Eye Conditions and Nutrients for Eye Health

Superfood Eye Health Recipe

Only available for Health Professionals

Nutrition & Eye Health : Technical Paper No. 129