Getting Healthy to Have a Baby: Female Health Webinars Part 3

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Getting Healthy to Have a Baby: Female Health Webinars Part 3

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In an age where women have increasing control over their lives, many clients are excited about planning a baby and try to prepare as best they can. Should they detox, what exercise should they do, and how should they prepare their body physically?

Sarah discusses the basics of health, looking at the foundations of good health such as vitamin D, omega-3 and probiotics to ensure that there is a good base to build from. She then focuses on essentials during pregnancy such as multivitamin formulas which feature iodine, zinc, selenium and calcium to support health of mother and development of the baby. Breast feeding and postpartum depression are also discussed and how these can be supported with hormone support.

Date Recorded: May 2015

CPD Hours: 1





Sarah Sharpe BSc (Hons)

Sarah Sharpe BSc (Hons)Sarah graduated in 1999 from the University of Surrey with an honours degree in Nutrition and has been a nutritionist with Nutri for over ten years, working as a key member of the company’s busy technical team. Her experience of helping practitioners to use nutrition as part of a successful patient protocol as well as additional training, such as the AFMCP course, means she excels in educating others and has become a popular speaker. Sarah is passionate about combining lifestyle medicine and functional medicine in the quest to improve health.

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