Gut Transformation Programme

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Gut Transformation Programme

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Gut Transformation Info Pack  
Nutrimonium™ 14 Sachets  
Glutagenics™ 167g – High Strength Glutamine Powder  
Ultra Probioplex™ Plus - 30 Probiotic Capsules  
Similase 90 Capsules  
Candex SIBO 45 Capsules  

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The Gut Transformation Programme is an intensive gut clearance protocol which aims to free patients of unpleasant, nagging gut-related issues which they may have been suffering with for years. 

New Date: Gut Transformation Programme starts 23rd September 2019

Nutri Advanced are delighted to announce another opportunity to attend a live Gut Transformation Programme. You can experience the hugely successful gut programme alongside other practitioners and share your journey and insights through the process with others via a closed Facebook group

The Gut Transformation Programme (GTP) is a 6-week plan that has been designed to be flexible around your client’s digestive needs. We all know how important gut health is to our overall health but making changes to the gut can be tricky. This programme walks you through the remove, replace, reinoculate, repair and retain phases of gut health and helps you to navigate the pitfalls of a client’s journey through this process.

Why attend the live programme in September?

You can run the GTP at any time either for yourself or for clients. By joining the live programme in September you will be joining other practitioners on the journey and learn to walk the talk so that you can better run the programme with your clients. You will also have the opportunity to join the webinars live and ask questions via the Facebook group and webinars throughout the programme. If you don’t need to run the programme for yourself then you can use the kit with a family member or trusted client whilst sharing their experience and learning for yourself.

Treat the individual not the disease

The programme itself is a 6 week 5R plan which can be individualised to support your clients needs so depending on whether they have had testing or have any other areas that require support you can extend the phases of the programme to adapt the programme to their needs. You will learn all about the ways to adapt the programme by listening to the webinars and learning from shared experiences in the Facebook group. 

Your Programme Guides:

As you journey through the gut programme you will be guided by Jo Gamble and our very own Sarah Sharpe. Jo and Sarah will be responsible for delivering the programme webinars as well as supporting you on the Facebook page. The Nutri Nutritionists are all on hand too to help answer any questions that you have.

How do I book my place?

To book your place on the programme simply order the Gut Transformation Programme and you will be sent an email asking if you would like to join the live programme.

Live webinar schedule:

Gut Transformation Programme Live Webinar Schedule


Please note this programme contains non-vegan products.

Product code: GTPROD


The Gut Transformation Challenge contains: 

 • 1 x Nutrimonium 14 Sachets
 • 2 x Candex SIBO 45 Capsules
 • 1 x Similase 90 Caps
 • 1 x Ultra Probioplex Plus 30 Capsules
 • 1 x Glutagenics

 • Food List
 • Recipes
 • Menu Planners
 • Shopping List
 • Supplement Protocol
 • Workbook
 • FAQs

When you join the live GTP experience you will receive:

- A dietary plan to support digestion and change your microbiome, including access to a FODMAP appendix for those who need it

- A log book with questionnaires and other tools to monitor progress

- Supplements to support a 5R plan

- 6 exclusive CPD accredited webinars to instruct you on how to carry out the programme in practice and the theory behind it (recordings will be sent to those who can’t listen live).

- Access to a closed Facebook group where practitioners can share stories, progress and discuss the programme openly with Nutri Advanced Nutritionists.


Nutri Advanced supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Results may vary between individuals.