How Your Clients Link To You As Their Healthcare Professional

If you're looking to build your business and client services it's important that clients link their Nutri Advanced online account with your Healthcare Professional account. This means that you will be able to use a number of online services which have been designed to help you manage your clients and make it easier for them to follow your advice. 

On this page you can learn how a client links to you and the benefits of linking.

Sarah SharpeSarah Sharpe

Your client can create a Client Account on our website and they will have the option to link to you as their Healthcare Professional.

They can use the Find your Health Professional section on the client account create page to find you with a combination of the postcode and surname on your Nutri Advanced account or your account number.

To incentivise your client to create an account before purchasing we offer a £10 discount on their first client order. This is applied automatically to their orders. Once your client has created an account you will be notified via the email address linked to your online Healthcare Professional account. You will earn commission on any of your client’s linked orders.

Laura MurphyLaura Murphy

 You can also choose to give the client an additional discount at your discretion. Once your client sets up a linked account, you will receive an email to ask if you would like to set them a discount of either 5, 10, 15 or 33%.

Commission, if a client pays full retail price, is 25%, so if you do offer anybody a discount, the commission generated on those orders will be adjusted accordingly. We call this commission sharing.

Client-Friendly Guide

Below is a guide, provided in both PDF and video format, on how your clients can create their account and link to you as their Healthcare Professional. This is a client-friendly, step-by-step process which does not reference commissions or the discretional discounts. 

Share a basket with a client

To aid client compliance our website allows you to build a basket of your recommendations and share these with your clients.

You can create this basket online via your healthcare professional account as part of your consultation or afterwards in your own time. As well as product recommendations, there’s also space for you to give any specific advice to be sent to the client.

To ensure you receive the correct commission on client orders, please make sure your clients are aware that they should register as a client and link to you on the Nutri Advanced website before placing their order.

Learn more about sharing baskets with clients on our client basket hub.