30 Day Kick Starter Programme

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30 Day Kick Starter Programme

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Similase 90 Capsules   +£20.11
Milk Thistle Complex 60 Capsules   +£10.19
Probiotic Plus With Live Bacteria - 60 Capsules   +£11.69

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What supplements are included in the Kick Starter Programme?

    • Similase, a vegetarian digestive enzyme formula to support gut health
    • Probiotic Plus, a live bacteria formula designed to support gut health.
    • Milk Thistle Complex with Artichoke and Choline to support liver health

What does the Kick Starter programme booklet include?

Before & After Medical Symptoms Questionnaire
Supplements Dosing Schedule
Recommended Foods List
Details on how to join Facebook group

Who is it suitable for?

Those looking for a good way to get back on track after Christmas, and start the new year feeling well.
Those who want to support liver and gut health
Individuals who would benefit from a structured approach to a healther lifestyle

Similase 90 Capsules

        • 8 digestive enzymes (vegetarian source)
        • Suitable for those with senstive digestions

Milk Thistle Complex 60 Capsules

          • Milk Thistle Extract with Artichoke and Choline
          • 100mg of Milk Thistle Extract providing 80mg of silymarin per capsule

Probiotic Plus 60 Capsules

        • 750 million viable bacteria per capsule
        • Blend of 7 different bacteria strains
        • Includes beta-galactosidase to help with the digestion of lactose

Please note this programme contains non-vegetarian and non-vegan products

This product cannot currently be sold to ROI customers.


Nutri Advanced supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Results may vary between individuals.



"Trustpilot Review"

Review by Ruth H Posted on 04/02/2019
This is a good combination of products. The milk thistle is cleansing,the digestive enzymes support my digestion and the probiotics keep my gut healthy.