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It might be small – under an ounce in weight – but your thyroid gland controls your metabolic processes. When it’s not operating properly, a large number of symptoms can result – from the uncomfortable sensation of being cold to more troublesome complaints such as weight gain, skin problems and depression.


Many people have a thyroid gland that’s underactive to some extent. Known as hypothyroidism, the condition is more frequently found in women, according to research. But, because the standard test conducted in GP surgeries can fail to identify mild thyroid problems, its role in a whole range of problems can remain undiscovered.


Once it has been established that your thyroid is underactive, you can put a programme of supplements in place to support its function. This may include nutrients, herbs and glandular concentrates – all of which are available in our product range.


Testing for an underactive thyroid is easy


By recording your temperature for a few days, you can determine if your thyroid is underactive. Full details of the test – including a downloadable temperature graph – can be found below or by clicking here.


Find out more about our thyroid supplements and their benefits in the information below.


Thyroid Gland - The Facts
Tired all the time? Don’t have the energy you used to have? Gain weight easily and find it difficult to lose? Feel the cold more than others around you?
If this sounds like you, then perhaps it’s time you paid a little more attention to your thyroid gland...



Barnes Axillary Temperature Test
Testing your Basal Metabolic Rate



Clinical Guide - The Thyroid Gland

Managing a healthy thyroid metabolism
Thyroid function has a profound effect on overall health and imbalances can affect almost every metabolic process in the body. This is because thyroid hormones are primary regulators of the body’s overall metabolism. Symptoms of poor thyroid...



Complete Synergistic Support for an Underactive Thyroid Gland

Number 70. For professional use only.
The thyroid gland is located at the base of the neck and produces thyroid hormones (T4 and T3), which are responsible for performing a multitude of activities in the human body. T4 is the least active of the thyroid hormones whilst T3 is the hormone...



Liposomal Iodine - An Innovative Way to Optimise Thyroid Function
Number 138. For Professional Use Only.

Most people remember iodine from school science lessons - the brown solution that turned bright purple on contact with starch! Nowadays though, we know that its usefulness extends way beyond that….

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Guide to Testing  

Guide to Testing - Thyroid Screen

Who might benefit from a thyroid screen?
Thyroid hormones are essential and primary regulators of the body’s metabolism. Thyroid function has a profound effect on overall health and imbalances can affect virtually every metabolic process in the body. Symptoms of poor thyroid health are...



  Glandular Therapy - The Facts
What are glands?
Glands form part of the body’s endocrine system; secreting a wide range of essential hormones directly into the bloodstream, including oestrogen, testosterone, insulin, thyroxine, cortisol and DHEA to name just a few...



Supporting the Body with Glandular Extracts
Number 71. For professional use only
ABSTRACT: Up until recently organ meats remained an important part of human nutrition. Today, however, humans rarely consume them. Could this be why many people have low organ reserve and are prone to degenerative diseases and...