Clinical Guides

These guides are aimed at health professionals and are designed to make it easier to choose the right product for your clients. They contain the most important pieces of information about our products and how they should be used.

NB: These guides are available to health professionals only.

  • Thyroid Support Clinical Guide (Hypothyroid)

    Functional Medicine in Practice
    The thyroid is a small, bow-tie shaped endocrine gland found at the front of the throat. A bit like a thermostat, the thyroid gland controls the body’s...

  • Clinical Guide - Eskimo®-3 Fish Oil Range

    Achieving balance for optimal health

    Omega-3 fish oils have been one of the fastest growing segments in the natural healthcare market over recent years. This growth is based on increasing general awareness of the benefits of omega-3 in the context of cardiovascular health and brain function. Epidemiological studies have shown that populations who eat large quantities of fish have a lower...

  • Clinical Guide - Gut Transformation

    Managing a healthy digestive system

    The Gut Transformation Programme is an intensive gut clearance protocol which aims to free patients of unpleasant, nagging gut-related issues which they may have been suffering with for years. Bloating, gas, irritable bowel, gastric discomfort, fatigue and poor concentration...

  • Clinical Guide - Liver Support

    Nutri Advanced products to support the liver
    Nutri Advanced have a number of products that can assist you and your clients with your liver health. But deciding which product to use can be tough, so we’ve tried to make it easy as possible for you to select the right approach for your client, and the right product to achieve the results that you want.

  • Clinical Guide - Metabolic Foods

    Nutrient dense powdered foods for optimum health

    Nutri Advanced’s metabolic foods are a group of powdered nutritional formulas that have been used in the UK for over 15 years. Each of the metabolic foods has been designed to provide support for a different body system and every single formula is a uniquely blended combination of high quality protein and glycaemically balanced carbohydrates, together with a...

  • Clinical Guide - Multi Essentials

    Promoting optimal health & wellbeing

    Every single day we have a basic requirement for a broad range of essential vitamins and minerals. Ideally, we’d obtain all of these essential nutrients from our food. However, due to a number of factors, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain all of the nutrients our bodies need, even from a healthy well-balanced diet. Add to that the fact that a large...

  • Clinical Guide - Probiotics

    Restoring balance in your patient’s gut

    All good healthcare practitioners know that a healthy gut is key to overall health. Studies show a direct link between gastrointestinal ecology and overall immune function, and one of the most important steps to achieving healthy gut function is by restoring and maintaining a healthy balance of gut flora.

  • Clinical Guide - Stress

    Managing a healthy adrenal response

    People react differently to pressure, and the physiological effect on the body of dealing with long-term challenges and sustained pressure manifests itself differently depending on the individual. Nervous tension begins in the brain and spreads throughout the body, ultimately affecting the adrenals, the thyroid, neurotransmitter systems, the digestive system...

  • Clinical Guide - Female Health

    A Guide to Nutri Advanced's Range for Supporting Female Health

    For healthcare advice to be effective it needs to be personalised and to embrace all that makes each of us unique, including those needs specific to our biological sex. Clearly, nutritional needs vary significantly between the male and female sexes, and it is crucial that these are taken into account as part of a truly personalised approach.