Miscellaneous Educational Literature

  • UltraMeal

    Want to learn more about one of our most loved & versatile products?  Read on…

  • NutriSlim Programme

    The NutriSlim programme offers a simple approach which can help you to reach your weight goals. There are many benefits that come with reduced weight and these include greater energy, less sugar cravings and many medical benefits too, such as a lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and less chance of developing diabetes.

  • UltraClear Plus pH® 10 Day Programme

    10-day Express Programme - UltraClear Plus pH ®

    The “UltraClear Plus pH 10-day Express Programme” offers a simple 10 day approach to address increased toxin exposure. For added convenience this programme only requires one tub of UltraClear Plus pH. The first 5 days of the programme require a gradual removal of specific groups of foods...