10 Day ExpressClear Programme

The ExpressClear Programme is a 10-day programme involving a simple elimination diet and the product MetaClear, a combination of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts together with choline, which helps support normal liver function.

Throughout the programme the following foods and drinks should be avoided:

Foods to Avoid


Before you begin: If you drink more than 2 cups of tea or coffee per day, then reduce by one cup per day over the days leading up to the start of the programme.

Days 1-5

Eliminate foods listed above and take 2x MetaClear per day, one before breakfast and one before evening meal

Days 6-10

Continue to eliminate foods listed above and increase dosage to 4x MetaClear, taking two before breakfast and two before evening meal


Gradually reintroduce foods listed above and continue to take 2x MetaClear per day for the next 15 days, one before breakfast and one before evening meal


Programme Tips:

 • Buy organically grown fruits and vegetables where possible, or wash conventional produce thoroughly to remove any pesticides.

 • During days 6-10 you may want to curtail some of your more strenuous activities, as you may experience a decrease in energy. This is normal and shouldn’t cause concern.

 • If you get light-headed or excessively fatigued it may be a sign of low blood sugar, so keep an apple or pear handy throughout the programme. Try and include protein with each meal to assist with blood sugar balance.

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