Case Studies

Nutri Advanced's Case Studies webinars covering topics such as Autism, Men's Health, Asthma, Allergies and more.
NB: These webinars are only available to Health Professionals.

  • Case Studies in Functional Medicine

    This 6-part webinar series will show you how different individuals can command different protocols for the same or similar conditions and how to vary your approach with patients. Kara Fitzgerald will open your mind to new treatment plans which incorporate the latest breakthrough research and provide astonishing results.

  • Children’s Health Case Studies

    In this one hour webinar Jo Gamble, nutritionist and behavioural therapist, will reveal how prevention is key to wellness for the ‘4-As’: Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies. Recent research has revealed connections between all four disorders and although all have previously been considered medically incurable, studies reveal that toxins...

  • Autism Case Studies

    This hour long webinar presented by Jo Gamble will discuss the potential antecedents, triggers and perpetuation drivers that are associated with the spectrum of autism. This webinar will be based on four very different case studies which tackle symptoms, shared across the spectrum that can be addressed and treated which may in turn...

  • Men’s Health Case Studies

    In this one hour webinar hosted by Nutri Advanced and presented by nutritionist and behavioural therapist Jo Gamble, she will teach you how to track a timeline of male health, addressing the antecedents, triggers and mediators linked to the following rising male health complaints, and discuss how to apply relevant protocol using examples from...


  • Hormone Imbalance: Case Studies and Practical Applications

    This hour long webinar presented by Jo Gamble will take you through 5 hormone imbalance case studies focusing on thyroid and adrenal malfunction. Jo will discuss the various thyroid and adrenal hormones, explaining how they differ, what they do and how they are interrelated. 

  • Case Studies in Integrative & Functional Medicine

    Functional medicine can be applied to common clinical issues, offering a natural, drug free and holistic approach. Kara Fitzgerald ND will focus on case studies during this one hour webinar which will act an essential ‘crib sheet’ that can be used in everyday practical application for various types of practitioners.