Ingredient Focus Webinars

Nutri Advanced's Ingredient Focus webinars covering ingredients such as vitamin D, curcumin, fish oil, and more.
NB: These webinars are only available to Health Professionals.

  • Features & Benefits of Methylated B vitamins: How Much Do you Know?

    5-MTHF, also referred to as L-methylfolate, has become a trendy conversation topic amongst practitioners.  5-MTHF is the primary biologically active most bioavailable form of folic acid.  It is used at cellular level for preserving the integrity of DNA proteins as part of a process called methylation. 

    Webinar Code: W1515          £ 7.50

  • Fish Oil v Chronic Disease

    There has always been a stream of research about omega-3 fish oil and its effects on our health. In this 1-hour webinar, independent researcher Lars Lindmark will discuss and analyse old and new research to refresh your memory about what is speculation and what is hard evidence about omega-3 fish oil.

    Webinar Code: W1015          £ 7.50

  • Nutritional Breakthroughs for Stress

    Stress related illness is one of the leading causes of ill health and poor quality of life. Milk protein hydrolysate and theanine are two unique nutrients for the management of stress related illness and in particular the symptoms of anxiety. Watch this in depth video to learn more about the research behind these nutrients.

    Webinar Code: W1212          FOC

  • Generation D

    The deficiency of vitamin D in the UK is now well documented. This hour long summary of vitamin D research and effects of deficiency gives an in depth insight to the clinical problems you might expect in clients with low serum vitamin D and gives instruction on how to correct any deficiency including dosages and safety information. 

    Webinar Code: W1412           FOC

  • Curcumin

    Curcumin has a long history of traditional use as a spice and as a medicinal agent. Watch this short video that summaries the health benefits that are associated with this distinctive yellow spice including its well-known anti-inflammatory effect and its more recent applications in conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

    Webinar Code: W02          FOC

  • Wellmune WGP

    Wellmune WGP®is a beta 1-3/1-6 glucan that acts as a biological response modulator. Learn more about this unique ingredient which has a powerful effect on the immune system by watching this 5 minute video.

    Webinar Code: W1613          FOC