Product Focus Webinars

Nutri Advanced's Product Focus webinars including the MegaMag range, our Thyroid range, Eskimo®-3 and more.
NB: These webinars are only available to Health Professionals.

  • Become an Instant Expert to Nutri Advanced Thyroid Products

    This 30-minute webinar will focus solely on our bestselling thyroid support formulas - Thyro Complex, Nutri Thyroid and T-Convert. Whether you are new to these formulas or have used them for years this webinar will help you to become an instant expert in the ingredients and differences between the formulas. So if you have ever wondered what makes these formulas so effective then this is the webinar for you.

    Webinar Code: W0819         FOC

  • MegaMag Fast Webinar

    Nutri’s range of MegaMag magnesium formulas are well-known for their fast acting effects but choosing the best one for your client is not always as straight forward as it might seem. Watch this short video to learn the differences between the formulas in terms of the ingredients as well as the applications.

    Webinar Code: W04          FOC