Our Latest Magnesium Testimonials;

Darren Putt"I use MegaMag® products personally and with our clients. I find them to be particularly effective for people who find it difficult to wind down and get a good night’s rest. Also as they come as a drink, I find clients seem to be more willing to take them, especially in the evening and for some the ritual has even replaced a glass of wine or night-time munchies. "
Darren Putt, Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

Darren Putt"As a functional medicine practitioner, I base my approach around supporting imbalances in the underlying systems that trigger the symptoms the clients presents me with. Working with the MegaMag® range allows me to support underlying energy production really effectively and then I can address any other imbalances more specifically with the right product or combination of products in the range. The range supports multiple systems and being a powder, makes it much easier to achieve the desired results quickly and effectively. "
Jo Gamble BA (Hons) Dip CNM IFMCP, Functional Medicine Practitioner