More About Multivitamins

There's a lot to learn about Multivitamins if you want to make the right choice for you and your family! To make it easier we've created a handy video on multivitamins, an illustrative guide to vitamin absorption, comparison tables and articles on multivitamins.

Multivitamins Explained in 90 Seconds



How Vitamins Travel Through The Body!

It takes a few steps from swallowing your multivitamins before they can actually get to work! Here's a simple diagram showing a vitamin's typical journey from your mouth to being put to work in the body! Digestion of multivitamins


Multi Essentials Ingredients Comparison

It can be a time consuming task to compare the different concentrations of vitamins in different multivitamins so we've created a comparison table for you.

Women's Multi Essentials Comparison
Men's Multi Essentials Comparison

Pregnancy Multi Essentials Comparison
Multi Essentials One a Day Comparison




Multi Essentials Testimonials

“The Multi Essentials range allows me as a practitioner to support my clients work demands and lifestyle preferences and gives them greater peace of mind. Nutri’s continued attention to detail and reformulation as new research emerges provides a constant assurance of quality”
Jeremy Boyd, Personal Trainer, Lancashire

“For the past 20 years I have been working in a full time practise as a Nutritionist and regularly advise and prescribe Nutri’s Multi Essentials range as this product is such a comprehensive Multivitamin of the highest quality. But where this product excels in my experience is that I can be more specific to a clients’ needs with one of the specific Multi Essentials which is tailor made for different clients containing all the extras that I would normally have recommended separately. Being all in a one-a-day tablet aids compliance and the beneficial results have been very clear to me”
Ruth Holmes, Nutritionist, Gloucestershire

“I have found the Multi Essentials range to be popular, it is very patient friendly and compliant with an optimal dose of nutrients delivered in a one per day tablet which helps with patient compliance”
Juliette Cole, Nutritionist, Buckinghamshire

“Nutri Advanced Multi Essentials range is always my number one choice when recommending a Multivitamin and mineral supplement to my clients. They have always been well received and tolerated and the vast majority of my clients continue taking them for the long term. Now, with the newly improved ingredients, many of the nutrients have improved bio-availability and I can continue to recommend them with even more confidence!”
Lisa Jackson, Nutritionist, Dorset