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There's a lot to learn about Multivitamins if you want to make the right choice for you and your family! To make it easier we've created a handy video on multivitamins, an illustrative guide to vitamin absorption, comparison tables and articles on multivitamins. 

Multivitamins Explained in 90 Seconds



How Vitamins Travel Through The Body!

It takes a few steps from swallowing your multivitamins before they can actually get to work! Here's a simple diagram showing a vitamin's typical journey from your mouth to being put to work in the body! Digestion of multivitamins


Multi Essentials Ingredients Comparison

It can be a time consuming task to compare the different concentrations of vitamins in different multivitamins so we've created a comparison table for you.

Women's Multi Essentials Comparison
Men's Multi Essentials Comparison

Pregnancy Multi Essentials Comparison
Multi Essentials One a Day Comparison




Multi Essentials Testimonials

“The Multi Essentials range allows me as a practitioner to support my clients work demands and lifestyle preferences and gives them greater peace of mind. Nutri’s continued attention to detail and reformulation as new research emerges provides a constant assurance of quality”
-Jeremy Boyd, Personal Trainer, Lancashire

“For the past 20 years I have been working in a full time practise as a Nutritionist and regularly advise and prescribe Nutri’s Multi Essentials range as this product is such a comprehensive Multivitamin of the highest quality. But where this product excels in my experience is that I can be more specific to a clients’ needs with one of the specific Multi Essentials which is tailor made for different clients containing all the extras that I would normally have recommended separately. Being all in a one-a-day tablet aids compliance and the beneficial results have been very clear to me”
-Ruth Holmes, Nutritionist, Gloucestershire

“I have found the Multi Essentials range to be popular, it is very patient friendly and compliant with an optimal dose of nutrients delivered in a one per day tablet which helps with patient compliance”
-Juliette Cole, Nutritionist, Buckinghamshire

Multivitamins Articles

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Multi Essentials Clinical Guide