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The world of probiotics can be a confusing one, but we're here to help! 
Take a look at our probiotics information to see how probiotics could help you to achieve optimal digestive health.


The Journey of a Probiotic

Although the process of taking a probiotic is simple, the journey of a probiotic is much more complicated! See below how a probiotic tackles acid, bile and bad bacteria to help your GI tract.

 The Journey of a Probiotic



Meet the heroic good bacteria helping your gut tackle bad bacteria problems daily...

Meet the Strains

And although they are great on their own, the good bacteria are even stronger and more effective against bad bacteria together!

Together they can...

Good Bacteria are Stronger Together


How Do Probiotics Compare to Yoghurts? 

Probiotics v Yoghurt



Delve Deeper into Probiotics with our helpful articles

The world of probiotics can be a confusing one, but we're here to help! Whether you'd like to know more about a probiotic's journey through the body, the surprising history behind probiotics, or just get back to basics with key terminology, we've got you covered.


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Why Are Probiotics Better Than Yoghurt? 

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Choosing The Right Probiotic



A Little Chewy - Articles for Intestinal Intermediates 

If You've Ever Taken Antibiotics You Need To Read This...

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