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1) Get Juicing – Juicing is a brilliant way to dramatically boost your intake of fruit and veg. Start your day with a freshly made raw fruit & vegetable juice and you’ll be well on your way to beating the 5 a day mark before you’ve even left the house! Prioritise veg over fruit in your juices and make sure you include lots of super healthy greens such as spinach, kale, watercress and broccoli.

2) Make a Smoothie – Quicker and easier than making a juice, a smoothie is the next best option, especially if you’re running short of time. You can use anything from a jug & hand blender combo to a high-powered branded version to make a smoothie. Blend together a combination of banana, frozen berries, natural yoghurt, apple juice, flaxseeds, spinach and kale for an easy-to-digest hit of fruit and veg at any time of the day.

3) Raw Dippers – Instead of the usual crackers chop up some raw veggie sticks to enjoy with healthy dips such as houmous. Carrots, cucumber and peppers work well and because they’re raw you’ll get more of the nutritious benefits than eating the cooked versions too.

4) Portable Snacks – There’s a wide variety of fruits that make great portable snacks – it’s easy to pick up an apple, pear, tangerine, plum, peach, banana, (the list goes on….) for fast food that’s good for you too. When you’re buying fruit make sure you choose a good selection of portable pieces so you can always keep something with you. Combine a piece of fruit with a small handful of nuts for longer lasting energy.   

5) Soups, Salads, Stir Fries – Add a bowl of soup for a great way to boost the nutrient content of your lunch, add a salad when you go out for a meal and make regular stir-fries at dinnertime. These dishes are all great ways to pack a bit more veg into your diet. Salads are particularly nutritious because they provide raw ingredients, and stir fries are only gently cooked too, so these choices will further help to boost the nutrition content of your diet. 

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