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What are the best supplements for men?

Good nutrition is important for optimal health for both men and women but whilst there are similarities in need where nutrition is concerned, there are distinct separate requirements specifically for men’s health supplements. Many men are looking to support areas of health such as physical activity, heart health, libido, sperm health and fertility or prostate health to help them stay healthy as they embark on a new health goal or simply to help them age well. Adding nutrition to your diet and lifestyle can be one way to support these goals.

Which nutrients are best for men’s health?

Ensuring good nutrition is important for men as nutritional deficiencies such as zinc, magnesium and vitamin D or low levels of polyphenols in the diet can affect testosterone levels1. Supporting testosterone & sperm production and providing essential nutrients that are used up during times of stress can help men to stay on top of their health goals. A healthy diet and lifestyle plan should always be your priority but there are supplements for men’s health that can be very helpful.

What are the best supplements for men over 50?

As men get older they can be more concerned with prostate health and heart health. Nutrition can be important for both of these. If you are concerned about enlarged prostate please consult with a medical doctor. You can find more information on the symptoms for poor prostate health on the NHS website. Similarly for concerns relating to cardiovascular health always get checked by a doctor. If you are taking any medications you can speak to one of our Nutrition Advisors to check that supplements won’t affect your medication.

Best supplements for men

Below are the details of the best supplements for men’s health. It is possible to find these either in individual supplements or combined as a multivitamin for men.


As chronic stimulation of the hormone cortisol (our stress hormone) is associated with an imbalance in our sex hormones i.e. testosterone it is often a consideration in male health support plans. There is evidence to show that magnesium supplementation can help with the balance of sex hormones with adrenal hormones in favour of sex hormones and reverse the impact of overstimulation of the stress hormones2. Stress hormones can be triggered by both physical stress (for example hard exercise) and psychological or emotional stress (such as daily life pressures). Magnesium is also depleted easily during exercise through sweat and in surveys, intakes of magnesium for men have been shown to be below government recommendations3. In addition, supplementation with magnesium has shown to increase testosterone in both sedentary individuals and athletes4 making it an important consideration for men’s health.


Zinc is a crucial antioxidant mineral that is used in a variety of pathways in the body that are important for men’s health. This includes production and quality of sperm. Zinc may also acts as a hormone balancer and helps to maintain normal testosterone levels as well as supporting prostate function and reproductive health. Low zinc is known to impede sperm production and can be a reason for sperm abnormalities and has a negative effect on serum testosterone concentration. This makes zinc important for male fertility5.

Nettle Root (Urtica dioica)

The roots of nettle plants have been used in traditional medicine for many years and display some interesting health benefits. Nettle has been shown to support prostate function and also cardiovascular health. There are many mechanisms by which nettle root is believed to help. Some of the compounds in nettle root include β-sitosterol and lignans which help to support hormonal health and prostate function6.

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens)

Saw palmetto is an ancient herb from south America which helps to support healthy testosterone levels and support prostate function. Studies with saw palmetto suggest support for prostate health and inflammation and improvement in night time waking in those with prostate issues at a level of 320mg per day7. Saw palmetto may be a good consideration for men looking to support prostate health.

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