Why not hand out one of our tried and tested questionnaires to your client before their first visit, or have them fill it in on arrival? These cleverly designed tools can help you to prioritise your clients' health issues and make suggestions for going forward.
  1. Are You Stressed?

    Are You Stressed?

    Complete this simple questionnaire to find out if you are stressed, and if you need to take action to help your body and health by reducing your stress load.
  2. Leaky Gut Questionnaire Pad

    Leaky Gut Questionnaire Pad

    Questionnaire for Leaky Gut

  3. Leaky Gut Interpretation Card

    Leaky Gut Interpretation Card

    Assessment and Support of Leaky Gut
  4. Medical Symptoms Questionnaire

    Medical Symptoms Questionnaire

    Full Medical Symptoms Questionnaire
  5. Health Appraisal Questionnaire

    Health Appraisal Questionnaire

    Full Health Appraisal Questionnaire

  6. DASS Interpretation Card

    DASS Interpretation Card

    Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scales Interpretation
  7. DASS Score Questionnaire

    DASS Score Questionnaire

    Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scales

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