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Metabolic Food for Gastrointestinal Support

What is UltraClear Sustain™?

UltraClear Sustain™ is a nutritional food supplement designed to support healthy gastrointestinal function by providing nutrients required by the cells that line the digestive tract. These cells play a combined role of absorbing nutrients into the body and providing a barrier to keep out non-nutrient or undesirable molecules. When dysfunctional, the cells that line the digestive tract may not play either role effectively. UltraClear Sustain™ provides nutrients which support healthy digestive tract function. By using UltraClear Sustain™ as detailed in this easy-to-use guide you may notice improvements in your overall health and wellbeing over time.

How do I take UltraClear Sustain™?

Because of the large and comprehensive range of nutrients, UltraClear Sustain™ is taken in the form of a convenient shake or drink. Mix 3 scoops (unless advised otherwise by your health care professional) of UltraClear Sustain™ with approximately 250ml of pure water, diluted fruit juice or vegetable juice and consume within ½ an hour. UltraClear Sustain™ can also be blended with fruit, or milk alternatives to make a delicious smoothie (see below for recipes).

How can I expect to feel on this programme?

Many people begin to feel better within a few weeks when using UltraClear Sustain™, while others take longer to experience improvement. If you experience any mild discomfort or side effects this may mean that your UltraClear Sustain™ programme needs to be adjusted and you need to contact your health care professional.

Professional care

It is essential to your success that UltraClear Sustain™ is part of a structured and supervised treatment plan. Please ensure that you maintain an appointment schedule with your health care professional.

The UltraClear Sustain™ programme

The following step plan will help you to use the product. Begin with the amount suggested by your practitioner and gradually increase.

Step 1

Mix ½ scoop of UltraClear Sustain™ with approximately 250ml of pure water, diluted non-citrus fruit juice or vegetable juice and consume twice daily.
Average Duration: 1-7 Days

Step 2

Mix 1½ scoops of UltraClear Sustain™ with approximately 250ml of pure water, diluted non-citrus fruit juice or vegetable juice and consume twice daily.
Average Duration: 1-7 days

Step 3

Mix 1½ scoops of UltraClear Sustain™ with approximately 250ml of pure water, diluted non-citrus fruit juice or vegetable juice and consume three times daily.
Average Duration: 1-7 days

Step 4

Mix 3 scoops of UltraClear Sustain™ with approximately 250ml of pure water, diluted non-citrus fruit juice or vegetable juice and consume twice daily. Select foods from the food list on page 6. Remember to rotate or vary the foods you select from the list.
Average Duration: Duration depends upon individual response.

Important note: Your health care practitioner may suggest alternative dietary modifications or further nutritional supplementation whilst on the UltraClear Sustain programme. He or she will make these decisions based upon your health and your response to the programme.

Suggested Product Mixing Instructions

Basic Recipe

Combine 3 scoops of UltraClear Sustain™ powder with 250ml of liquid (or as directed by your practitioner). Briskly stir or blend the product until mixed.

Drink within ½ hour. You may use UltraClear Sustain™ as part of your meal, as a snack, or as a meal replacement. Based on the dietary plan you and your practitioner select, UltraClear Sustain™ may be mixed with a variety of other liquids, fruits or vegetables. See below.

Mixing Variations

Using ½ water and ½ unsweetened fruit juice (eg pineapple, berry, apple, pear or peach) or milk substitute (rice, oat or nut—vanilla, carob or plain), mix with powder in a blender or shaker cup.


For all of the recipes below, mix the ingredients in a blender (if using whole pieces of fruit) or a shaker cup along with 3 scoops of UltraClear Sustain™. Add approximately 250ml water or desired liquid and blend or shake to desired consistency. Adjust liquid according to personal taste.

Your UltraClear Sustain™ Food Plan

The UltraClear Sustain™ programme is simple to follow. You should always feel full (not deprived) and should be able to continue your normal activities, including eating away from home or entertaining friends. Just be sure to do the following:

The UltraClear Sustain™ Food Plan

UltraClear Sustain™ Programme Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I follow this diet if I have a sensitivity to rice?
A. Possibly. The white rice protein concentrate in UltraClear Sustain™ has undergone a process to enhance its nutritional properties and remove most common antigenic components. As a result even some rice sensitive individuals can tolerate it. Everyone’s reactions are different so you should discuss possible rice sensitivity with your health care practitioner and be alert to any symptoms of a reaction.

Q. Would this programme be helpful for a person who has recently undergone repeat antibiotic therapy?
A. Yes. Medications like antibiotics may place an added burden on your body and create an unhealthy imbalance of microflora (bacteria and yeast) in the digestive tract. Your health care practitioner may also recommend introducing a source of acidophilus or bifidus culture.

Q. Can I follow this diet if I am diabetic or hypoglycaemic?
A. Probably, but you should make this decision with the guidance of your health care practitioner.

Q. Can I use canned fish instead of fresh fish?
A. Yes. The only problem with canned fish is that it might be high in salt, contain additional oil, or be packed in lead-soldered cans. If you are salt-sensitive, select fresh fish or fish packed in spring water.

Q. Can I go on this diet if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
A. No. The UltraClear Sustain™ programme has not been tested in these situations; therefore, it is not recommended for use at these times.

Q. Can I exercise whilst I am on this programme?
A. Yes. Clinical experience has shown that some people experience reduced energy and stamina on this programme. With that precaution in mind, if you exercise regularly, give yourself permission to ease up on the length and intensity of your workout. In general, if you do not exercise routinely, it may be best to wait until you have finished the programme before adding activities to your lifestyle.

Q. Can I take supplements whilst on this diet?
A. Because this product contains good levels of carefully selected nutrients to assist the body’s gastrointestinal health, and since some supplements may contain allergens that could interfere with this process, we suggest following the recommendations of your health care practitioner.

Q. What is the “grit” in the bottom of the glass of mixed product?
A. These products are well blended during manufacturing, but a small amount of mineral remains insoluble in the final beverage. It is harmless and well absorbed by the body. Stir to get the insoluble materials into suspension as you finish drinking it.

Q. Is it possible to lose weight on the UltraClear Sustain™ programme?
A. It can help slimming or weight control only as part of a calorie controlled diet. You should discuss your calorie needs and weight goals with your health care practitioner.

Q. How often can I use the UltraClear Sustain™ product and programme?
A. You may go on the UltraClear Sustain™ programme as often as every few months, if recommended by your health care practitioner. You may repeat the programme if you know your dietary habits have been less than optimal. The UltraClear Sustain™ programme is a way to nutritionally support your liver and get yourself back on a healthy track.

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