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How Does A Nutritionist Cope with Holiday Travel?

How Does A Nutritionist Cope with Holiday Travel?

Here’s our plan for getting the best start to your hols!


It’s usually an early start for the airport and often a bit stressful too, as you make the final luggage, passport and money checks before you leave the house.  Start the day with a calming chamomile tea and something quick and easy to eat that will keep you going for a couple of hours whilst you get through check-in and passport control.  Sliced banana and cashew nut butter on oatcakes is a great combination.  Bananas are high in potassium, which will help to support hydration.  Time to take your daily supplements before you leave too.  We recommend:

 • Multi Essentials One-A-DayHigh quality daily multivitamin and mineral supplement

 • Eskimo ExtraHigh strength omega 3 capsules to support daily requirements of beneficial fats

 • Immunoblast – Comprehensive formula including vitamins A, C, D and zinc to support the immune system, especially important before your plane journey

 • MegaMag Calmeze – High strength magnesium and additional nutrients, such as vitamin B6 to help support the nervous system and balance well being, in a pleasant-tasting powder formula


Phew! Luggage checked in! Passports checked!  Time to think about some breakfast before you get on the plane.  UltraMeal is a great option at this point, especially if you’re feeling tense, as it’s easy to digest.  Scoop a portion out into a shaker cup before you leave, so you can just add water once you’ve completed security checks.  There’s a variety of flavours to choose from – vanilla, chocolate, mocha, banana and berry.  My favourite is banana!  If you’d rather pick something up at the airport instead; go for a bircher muesli, fresh fruit and natural yoghurt or even porridge.  There’s a wider variety of options available at major airports nowadays so it is definitely possible to find something healthy.  Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water too, to stay hydrated.  Avoid caffeine as this can dehydrate and disrupt your blood sugar levels, which may make you feel tired and jittery.

 • UltraMeal – choose from vanilla, mocha, chocolate, berry or banana flavours


Ready to board the aircraft and feeling a bit tense? Compose LT is designed to support feelings of balance and harmony.  Compose LT is an innovative and fast-acting product that contains milk protein hydrolysate which may be supportive if you’re finding it difficult to wind down and relax.

 • Compose LT – Fast-acting support for balance and harmony


You’re safely boarded and cruising at altitude; now is the perfect time for a nourishing snack to keep your blood sugar levels nicely balanced.  Avoid alcohol or anything that’s salty at this point, as this will further contribute towards dehydration.  A handful of nuts and dried fruit or a nut-based cereal bar (Nakd cashew cookie or similar) are easy-to-transport options that will keep your energy balanced.  Cucumber sticks and watermelon wedges can be prepared in advance and be a refreshing hydrating snack.  Keep sipping water throughout the flight to maintain optimal hydration. For an extra hit of nutrients, you could take a serving of Superfood Plus at this point.  Again, it’s best to portion this out before you leave home so you can just add water to it on the plane.  Superfood Plus is a powdered blend of over 30 different fruits and vegetables with a high antioxidant content.  It also supplies beneficial fibres and digestive enzymes to support balanced digestion, which is particularly useful on holiday.

 • Superfood Plus – Boost your nutrient intake and support balanced energy and digestion with this powdered formula that also contains Chocamine® – an innovative ingredient that supplies all the benefits of chocolate without the sugar and fat.


The only way to have a healthy lunch on a short-haul flight is to get organised and either buy it at the airport or prepare it yourself in advance.  Some long-haul flights have healthier options but I still like to be prepared so I’m not stuck with eating something I’d rather not.  You can usually find a balanced salad at the airport.  I’d go for a Mediterranean mezze-type salad containing brightly coloured salad, hummus, falafel and quinoa, or perhaps a similarly-filled wrap.  Eating a nutritious lunch like this will keep you feeling alert, balanced and hydrated so that when you land you’re ready for the next step of the journey.


Safely landed and ready for the next step of your journey.  Water is really important at this point to keep hydrated.  If you can find coconut water, that’s even better!  An apple and a handful of nuts will keep you going now till you arrive at your destination.  Making sure you stay hydrated and optimally nourished throughout your journey can have a huge impact on the start of your holiday.  By approaching your journey in this way you are minimizing the stress on your body and reducing the chances of catching holiday bugs too, so you can just relax and enjoy your time away.  Continue with your daily supplement regime whilst you’re away to keep on track with healthy lifestyle habits.

 • Multi Essentials One-A-Day – High quality daily multivitamin & mineral

 • Eskimo Extra – Ensure optimal daily intake of omega 3s

 • GiSol  – Saccharomyces Boulardii – Take daily to help reduce the risks of unwanted tummy upsets.  No need to keep in the fridge like other probiotic supplements so a perfect travelling companion.