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Many people ask what’s the one single change they can make that will make the biggest health difference? And whilst it’s by no means definitive and scientifically proven, I always give the same answer. Look after your liver!

What does the liver do?
Most people are aware that the liver has a big role to play in detoxification, yet its many other vital jobs often go unnoticed. As well as making toxins safe and getting rid of them from the body, the liver also gets involved in all metabolic processes, helps to make energy, produces bile to help with digestion and converts nutrients from our diets into other substances that the body can use, then stores them and supplies cells with them when needed. The liver also keeps blood sugar levels balanced, breaks down old or damaged cells and with the help of vitamin K produces blood clotting proteins. When you take all of the above into account you’ll probably agree that looking after your liver is the single most important step you can take towards improving your health.

What happens when the liver is functioning under par?
Given that the liver is involved in so many different processes, there is a long list of symptoms that can occur when it becomes overloaded. Here’s a few of the most common ones:

 • Fatigue
 • Low mood
 • Headaches
 • Nausea
 • Brain fog
 • Multiple chemical sensitivities
 • Poor skin, hair and nails
 • Dark circles under eyes
 • Hormonal imbalances
 • PMS
 • Exercise intolerance
 • Allergies
 • Inflammatory problems
 • Immune imbalance

How to look after your liver
The best thing you can do for your liver is to give it a break, at the same time as providing it with the nutrients it needs to work at its best. A bit like taking your car in for an MOT, your liver will benefit greatly from an annual service too. Commonly referred to as ‘doing a detox’, it’s actually much more than that – you’re helping to support all of the liver’s other vital jobs too. 

Why not join us in making a pact next year to look after your liver? It’s the best new year’s resolution you’ll ever make!  For more information on how to do this, take a look at our 14 Day NutriClean Programme – a tried and tested successful 14 day plan to target the liver, including all supplements, instructions, FAQ’s, recipes, menu planner and workbook.

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