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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common hormone problem and the leading cause of female infertility in women of reproductive age, worldwide. PCOS currently affects 1 in 15 women (of reproductive age), and is set to worsen, alongside soaring obesity rates. The term ‘polycystic ovary syndrome’ (PCOS) describes a complex disorder with a range of symptoms, with the main feature being the presence of multiple under-developed tiny sacs (follicles) on the ovaries - often these under-developed follicles are unable to release an egg which means ovulation doesn’t take place, and can cause infertility. 

Myo-inositol : a little known ‘B vitamin’

There has been much research carried out recently on the use of a little known nutrient called myo-inositol in women with PCOS. Myo-inositol is a naturally-occurring substance produced in the human body from glucose, although it is not a sugar. It is better described as a ‘vitamin-like’ substance and is often considered to be a member of the B complex family of vitamins. The body can make myo-inositol from glucose and it is also found naturally in many foods such as organ meats, fruit, grains, nuts and beans. 

PCOS & blood sugar

Many women with PCOS experience blood sugar imbalances, and this is likely due to problems in the way the body handles insulin – the blood sugar balancing hormone. Restoring blood sugar balance is a key aspect of improving symptoms of PCOS.

Myo-inositol & PCOS

A number of recent studies have found that myo-inositol is a very effective treatment for PCOS due to its ability to improve the way the body handles insulin and support hormonal balance and ovarian function. Research has also found myo-inositol to be effective at improving fertility among women with PCOS; and since the syndrome is the leading cause of female infertility, these results are particularly encouraging.

Combine myo-inositol with magnesium, calcium, vitamins C & E and B complex for comprehensive female hormone support.

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