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Reducing sugar intake and taking steps to improve ‘blood sugar balance’ are vital for supporting optimal health overall. But what exactly is blood sugar balance, why is it so important and can you actually stop those pesky sugar cravings for good? All these answers and more in this simple guide.

Blood sugar – Getting it ‘just right’

We all have a small amount of sugar (glucose) in our blood at any one time. We need this for day-to-day function and it’s important it doesn’t drop too low or rise too high. Low blood sugar is particularly problematic for the brain since it relies heavily on blood sugar as a constant source of fuel. In fact, sugar cravings are often your body’s way of asking for more sugar when it’s dipped too low. In contrast, when blood sugar is too high this can cause tissue damage over time. A bit like Goldilocks’ search for the perfect porridge - you want your blood sugar to be ‘just right’.

Blood sugar – Take the pressure off

Fortunately, we have in-built mechanisms to keep blood sugar in balance and our bodies are constantly working to keep levels within a tightly regulated range. Just like calling out the emergency services though, you don’t want to be continually asking your body to step in to deal with blood sugar highs and lows as this can place too much pressure on these mechanisms over time. Diet and lifestyle factors can play a massive part in this balance; with some factors being very supportive and others more disruptive. And whilst it sounds complex, the takeaway message is simple. If you can support your blood sugar balance through diet & lifestyle factors, this will take pressure off internal systems. Not only will you feel better and experience less sugar cravings, but your health will benefit massively as a result.

Bringing blood sugar back into balance through diet and lifestyle change

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