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Optimal Nutrition for Back to School

Optimal Nutrition for Back to School

The new school year is always a busy time.  Whether it’s starting school for the first time, moving up to a new class, on to high school or even away to university; the new term brings with it excitement and apprehension as a brand new journey of learning begins.  Getting ready for ‘back to school’ usually involves shopping for the latest must haves such as a new pencil case, backpack and shiny new shoes!  ‘Back to school’ is also the perfect time to start thinking about your child’s nutrient intake.  The new year requires your child to be fully energised, ready to concentrate, able to deal with daily strains and equipped to fight off seasonal bugs too – all of which a good diet can fully support. 

Key Nutrients for Back to School:

1) Keep Vitamin D Levels Topped Up for Immune Support

Much has been written recently about vitamin D; an essential nutrient that is now reported to be at worryingly low levels in the general population of adults and children alike.  Unlike most nutrients, the major source of vitamin D isn’t food, it is in fact, sunshine.  Your skin makes vitamin D on contact with sunshine so if you’ve managed to get some sun over the last few weeks you’ll have helped to give levels a bit of a boost.  Vitamin D is essential for a healthy immune system so it’s important, especially in the back to school season and looking ahead to the approaching winter months, to ensure that your children maintain healthy levels.  Use D3 Drops 1000 if you suspect low levels or Multigenics Chewable as ongoing baseline support of this essential nutrient.

2) Boost Brain Power with Omega-3s

Just like any other part of the body, the brain needs the right fuel to thrive.  Not only does the brain need plenty of energy, best supplied regularly in the form of slow-release carbohydrates such as oats and other wholegrains, it also needs essential fats for memory, concentration and focus with omega-3 fatty acid DHA particularly important for brain health.  Children’s needs for essential fats change as they grow.  Up to the age of 12, Eskimo-3 Little Cubs provides the perfect balance of omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids together with vitamins D & E; from 12 onwards Eskimo-3 – a simple combination of omega-3 fatty acids with vitamin E is more in line with their needs.  Eskimo Brainsharp provides omega-3, 6 & 9 fatty acids with added CoQ10 and vitamin D – a useful formula to support teenagers at exam time.  You can help your child to be one step ahead at school and beyond with targeted nutrition for optimal brain health.

3) Optimise nutrient intake with a Multi

Moving on to a new era of education can be a strain at any age.  The body needs higher amounts of magnesium, vitamin C and B vitamins in particular to deliver a balanced response without impacting on other areas of health.  Without adequate nutrition, the telltale signs can soon begin to show.  Low energy, picking up seasonal bugs and struggling to get rid of them can all occur when the body doesn’t have adequate nutrition to cope with these increased demands.  The easiest way to tackle this is with a daily multivitamin.  Multigenics Chewable provides a great baseline to support your child’s nutrient needs, featuring nutrients such as vitamin B2 for energy and vitamin D for immune support, and is the perfect accompaniment to a healthy diet.

4) Get Peace of Mind Delivered in a Tub

Sometimes children’s eating habits or nutrition needs change; they may be going through a particularly ‘fussy’ phase, or be at risk of ‘over doing’ it with a busy few weeks of after-school activities or perhaps, in the case of new starters at University, be surviving on a limited diet of fast food.  Whilst supplements can never replace a well-balanced diet, the ‘Ultra’ range of products are a useful back up to give you peace of mind that your child is at least getting some ‘goodness’ into their system.  UltraCare for Kids is a balanced powder formula that mixes into a drink and provides a baseline of essential nutrients specially designed for younger children.  UltraMeal is a similar product aimed at older children and adults.  Perfect for a University lifestyle, why not pack a tub into their suitcase to give you peace of mind that they’ll at least have something nutritious to fall back on when the cupboards are bare!

Back to School Supplement Checklist

Immune SupportVitamin D – D3 Drops 1000 / Multigenics Chewable

Brain PowerOmega-3s – Eskimo Little Cubs / Eskimo-3 / Eskimo Brainsharp

Optimise Nutrient Intake – Multigenics Chewable

Peace of Mind in a Tub – UltraCare for Kids / UltraMeal