Back in October 2016 we launched our newest live bacteria formula, ProbotiX® Daily 5 Live

We asked 4 bloggers from different walks of life to review ProbotiX® Daily 5 Live and see how it could make a difference in their lives. 

Check out their blogs to see what they had to say...

Neil Bennett - BlondeMaleBlog

Blondemale launched for the love of products, to be a friendly place you can read about skincare to hair care to even lifestyle products and fashion, you'll feel right at home when you visit!

" I have experienced some great benefits whilst taking this probiotic..."

Carol Cliffe - Family Makes

We are a family of makers and fixers, and we’re sharing our stories, travels and tips with you! We blog about family fun, making memories and more.

"I awoke feeling much less bloated and looking much ‘flatter’, which also felt more comfortable. There was also less of the early morning nausea and generally grogginess I sometimes feel."

Tracey Bowden - One Frazzled Mum

Sometimes serious, but mostly lighthearted, One Frazzled Mum is down to earth, honest and strangely compelling (I hope).

"I don’t feel as drained from the inside as I used to be"

Kat Miller - Tailfish

A professional nagger & problem solver by day, this blog is about me, my life and the things I enjoy including running, snowbarding and gadgets

"I have certainly seen an increase in regularity since I have started to use them"

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