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Natural, effective support for digestive discomfort

Getting the goodness out of your food
Effective digestion is at the root of optimal health. You are what you eat, or perhaps more accurately, what you can digest and absorb.

In terms of getting the goodness out of food, choosing what to eat, chewing and swallowing are the easy bits. Your body then has the complex and intricate job of breaking down, sorting out and eventually assimilating those nutrients into your bloodstream to be transported to the parts of your body where they are most needed. In scientific terms, this process is called digestion & absorption and is one of the most important functions your body has to perform.

What happens in digestion?
In its simplest terms, digestion is the action of breaking food down into smaller and smaller pieces until they are tiny enough to be absorbed through the gut wall and into the bloodstream. Digestion actually begins from the moment you start to anticipate a meal; the smell, sight and even thoughts of food can trigger digestive juices to start flowing both in your mouth and in your stomach where the first phases of digestion take place. Once food has been partially broken down, first in the mouth by the action of chewing and the addition of digestive enzymes and secondly in the stomach by the physical action of churning, the addition of stomach acid and some more digestive enzymes, it then moves through to the intestines where it is further broken down.

Digestive Enzymes
Digestion in the intestines relies on special substances called enzymes, which have the final job of breaking down food into its smallest parts so they can be absorbed through the gut wall. There are many different types of enzymes, each one being specific to breaking down a particular food group. For example, protease enzymes break down protein foods such as meat, and amylase enzymes break down carbohydrate foods such as bread and pasta.

Do you have an enzyme deficiency?
Unfortunately, some people have a lack, or a reduction of these enzymes and so the food they eat is not properly broken down, which can lead to many common gastrointestinal disturbances, such as bloating, excess gas and poor bowel regularity.

The far-reaching effects of poor digestion
Since effective digestion is at the root of optimal health, the consequences of poor digestion on health can be further reaching than the typical symptoms of indigestion. Disordered or incomplete digestion can be a major contributor to the development of numerous health problems:

• Widespread nutrient deficiency - If food is not digested properly, molecules are simply too large to pass through the gut wall and nutrients cannot be properly absorbed. This can result in widespread nutrient deficiency with typical symptoms such as low energy levels, poor skin and even depleted immune function to name but a few.
• Food sensitivity & intolerance - Sometimes large undigested molecules of food can pass through a damaged gut wall; the immune system then reacts to these ‘foreign particles’, which can trigger a food sensitivity or intolerance.
• Imbalanced gut flora & toxin build-up - Chronic digestive problems can lead to an imbalance of gut flora and the build-up of toxins

What causes digestive problems?
Whilst living in the 21st century has brought many technological advances, our eating habits and stress levels have seriously deteriorated. Eating poor quality food on the run, at random intervals and often late in the evening is a typical picture for 21st century lifestyle and unfortunately it is the digestive system, which is first to suffer as a consequence.

Similase offers natural broad- spectrum digestive support
Similase is a digestive support product derived from plant enzymes. It contains a broad spectrum of natural digestive enzymes to help support effective digestion:

Amylase – supports carbohydrate digestion
Protease – supports protein digestion
Sucrase – supports sucrose (simple sugar) digestion
Lactase – supports milk sugar digestion
Lipase – supports fat digestion
Maltase – supports malt sugar digestion
Cellulase – supports fibre digestion
Phytase – supports fibre digestion

So why take Similase?
Supplementing with broad-spectrum natural plant enzymes can help to support optimal digestion at the root cause, unlike most conventional digestive products, which simply target the symptoms. Ineffective digestion not only causes typical digestive problems such as bloating, excess gas and poor bowel movement but can be a significant contributory factor towards numerous different health problems from fatigue and poor skin to food intolerance.

How does Similase work?
Similase is a plant enzyme formula which can help to support digestion in the gastrointestinal tract. It is important that a plant enzyme formula maintains stability in a wide range of environments, as the GI tract has a varying pH – from the acidity in the stomach, through to the alkaline environment in the small intestine. The natural plant enzymes in Similase are effective across a wide range of pH values – from an acid pH of 1 through to an alkaline of pH12 to provide balanced, effective and reliable digestive support.

Similase contains a wide array of enzymes, which include protease, lipase and amylase, essential for the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In addition, Similase also provides maltase and sucrase to support the breakdown of common dietary sugars. Phytase and cellulase enzymes help to digest phytates and cellulose that can bind essential minerals and other nutrients, preventing their absorption, and lactase can help to support the breakdown of the milk sugar lactose, which many people are commonly deficient in.

When should I take Similase?
Similase works best if taken just before a meal, although some people prefer to take it during a meal. Similase has been formulated to suit even those with a very sensitive digestive system and can be taken as a one-off to accompany the occasional heavy meal or on a more regular basis to support improved digestion.

Benefits of a plant-based enzyme formula:

• Exceptionally well tolerated, even by sensitive individuals
• Provides a broad range of digestive enzymes to aid the breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibres and sugars
• Reliably effective and stable across a wide range of pH conditions – from pH1 to pH12, unlike animal-derived pancreatic enzymes which can be ineffective in varying pH conditions
• Digestive enzymes help to support effective digestion and absorption, and optimal health at the root level by helping to break down food in the stomach before its contents are passed into the intestines
• Aids the breakdown of potential triggers of food sensitivity before they reach the bloodstream, such as wheat and milk proteins
• Provides phytase and cellulase enzymes which help to digest phytates and cellulose; substances that can bind essential minerals and other nutrients, preventing their absorption

Here’s what practitioners say about similase:
“I have not had a single incident with any patients who have not responded well to Similase. I am particularly in favour of its unique blend of digestive enzymes including protease, amylase and lipase, to name just a few. Considering that many people in this country have poor dietary habits, I would strongly recommend Similase to anyone to improve their digestive function.”
- Dr Frederick Lee, Beyond Medicine, Doncaster

“I have been regularly recommending Similase to many of my patients that have had prolonged stomach (GI) complaints and the outcome of this has, in many cases, been nothing less than extraordinary. What really amazes me about Similase is the speed of the results. In fact most of my patients report significant and substantial improvement by their second visit.”
- Peter Sadler, Natural Medicine Centre, Derbyshire

“Similase is a product I regularly use in my practice. Compared to most other brands I find Similase to be the most effective digestive enzyme formula. I confidently use this product to aid many types of digestive discomfort, even for those who have sensitive digestive systems.”
- Eva Escofet, Nutritionist, Carshalton, Surrey

“I recommend Similase as my first choice product to almost all my patients who require digestive support. The results indicate that it’s an excellent product. Also, as it is plant-based, I can confidently suggest it for nearly everyone.”
- Shabir A G Pandor, Dental Surgeon, Harley Street, London

About Similase
You only have to watch a few television adverts to see that digestive problems have reached epidemic levels and unfortunately, for most people, the treatments offered target symptoms, rather than the root cause. Improving digestion at the root level has benefits beyond relief of uncomfortable symptoms of indigestion. Optimising your digestion can improve many different and seemingly unrelated aspects of your health such as improved energy levels, clearer skin and a stronger immune system to name but a few; the list really is endless…

Similase uniquely supports the natural function of the body by providing the raw materials to help break food down properly, targeting the root cause of digestive problems and supporting optimal absorption of nutrients both for optimal gastrointestinal and overall health. Suitable for even the most sensitive individuals, with immediately visible results, you can see why Similase has become a firm favourite for thousands of people nationwide.

Join the thousands who are already feeling the benefits of Similase!
Thousands of people use Similase every day to support digestive insufficiencies. For maximum benefit, take 1-2 capsules of Similase at the onset of each meal and feel the difference!

Important Note:
Similase is not intended for use by patients with gastric or duodenal ulcers, or with active gastritis.

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