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Skin, Hair + Nails is a clinically tested proprietary cosmeceutical formulation of ingredients which have all been demonstrated in published trials to enhance the health and performance of the skin. However, tests show that Skin, Hair + Nails delivers a greater overall benefit in improving the skin than any of the individual ingredients alone demonstrating the science behind it provides a synergistic effect to help skin look and feel younger.

A clinical evaluation demonstrated a highly statistically significant benefit for Skin, Hair + Nails on skin function as measured by skin water loss hydration and elasticity, skin firmness, skin fatigue, roughness and smoothness in a healthy population. The 30 volunteers, mostly young to middle aged females, consumed 1 Skin, Hair + Nails capsule twice a day for the 3 months of the trial and all measurements were recorded using reputable state of the art equipment.
A reduction in the amount of water normally evaporating from the skin, known as trans-epidermal water loss, means that the skin is better hydrated and hence more likely to be firmer, more springy (elastic), less rough and more smooth and look less tired-meaning a younger looking skin. Hence measures of trans-epidermal water loss are a useful starting point to assess the benefits of any product on skin function, but the improvement in the other measurements demonstrates that Skin, Hair + Nails provides a more complete solution to providing beauty from within.

The Results
Overall most people in the trial had healthy normal skin in terms of trans-epidermal water loss, nevertheless there was an average 16% improvement in this measure with 40% of those taking part experiencing a greater than average benefit. One person (a 60 year old male) with the poorest skin condition experienced a remarkable 48% improvement.

The average improvement in moisture content of the skin was 14% and 46% of those taking part experienced a greater improvement than this. The maximum improvement was a 46% increase.

Skin firmness, elasticity and fatigue improved on average by 7%, 5% and 10% respectively, with 57% of those taking part experiencing a greater than average improvement in the measure of skin fatigue.

On average skin roughness decreased by 5% and smoothness increased by 9%. Over 50% of individuals benefitted better than average in these respects.

Everyone taking part in the trial reported stronger nails and healthier hair.

Skin, Hair + Nails Ingredients
Skin Hair + Nails contains collagen hydrolysate, a high polyphenolic mixture of rosemary and citrus extracts (Nutroxsun™), obtained from dried rosemary leaves and grapefruit; Cosmythic® maritime pine bark extract, coenzyme Q10, astaxanthin, vitamin C and biotin.

Collagen hydrolysate: is a bioavailable form of collagen that is rapidly absorbed into the body when taken orally. In an 8 week study of 68 females aged between 35 and 55 years of age, collagen hydrolysate was shown to significantly improve the skin elasticity, especially in those over 50 years of age. Skin hydration was improved by around 11% and water loss via the skin reduced by around 6%.1 In a 12 week study of slightly older women, there was a significant reduction in eye wrinkle volume of around 17%.2

Nutroxsun™: has been shown to improve skin elasticity by 4.6% after 2 months and reduce wrinkle depth by 14%. It has also been demonstrated to provide protection to the skin from UV sunlight.3

Cosmythic®: In a published study of the benefits of Cosmythic®, after 56 days skin firmness improved by 7% and skin elasticity was also reported to be improved by 4% as well as skin fatigability being significantly decreased by 9%. There was also a significant decrease in the total wrinkled surface of 15% on average and a reduction in the number of medium wrinkles of 12%. This trial also looked at the reduction of pigment in age spots. Here the pigmentary spots became significantly lighter and less red. Skin on the face was more firm and its surface was less wrinkled.4

Astaxanthin: 8 weeks of daily oral supplementation with 6 mg of astaxanthin and 2 ml per day of topical application of astaxanthin was shown to reduce wrinkles, age spot size and improved elasticity, skin texture and moisture content of the skin.5 A trial of 6 mg of astaxanthin daily in healthy male subjects over 6 weeks, demonstrated improvements in crow’s feet wrinkles, elasticity and trans-epidermal water loss. These results suggest that astaxanthin may improve the skin condition not only in women but also in men.6

Coenzyme Q10: The content of endogenously synthesized CoQ10 in skin decreases with aging. CoQ10 is considered to be an effective nutritional supplement that ameliorates skin aging, especially wrinkles. Oral administration of CoQ10 increases the skin levels of CoQ10, and this is considered to have energizing and antioxidative actions in skin cells.7

Vitamin C & Biotin: Vitamin C is acknowledged to make an important contribution to normal collagen formation which in turn supports the normal function of skin. Biotin contributes to the maintenance of normal skin too meaning that these are both valuable additions to any skin formula.

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