Clinic Resources

In this folder you will find Clinic Resources from past newsletters.

  • Top reasons your clients aren't achieving their exercise goals

    Sports nutrition is a complex and fascinating field, and when it comes to elite athletes, nutrition is finely tuned to deliver a winning performance.  There are many more of us however who perhaps aren’t aiming for Rio - our goals may be different (weight loss, a faster 5k, finishing a marathon, improved body composition)...

  • Key Nutrients to Support Blood Sugar Balance

    It’s no wonder that in today’s fast-paced and under-nourished society, blood sugar imbalance is up there among the most common health problems affecting a large number of the UK population.  Stress, alcohol, caffeine, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, sugary foods...

  • Holiday Essentials

    Alongside the suncream, swimwear and latest summer read, it’s worth taking a moment to consider what you’ll be packing to keep your health in tip top shape whilst you’re away from home this summer.

  • Why you should be increasing iodine intake for your pregnant clients

    With the UK population now classified as mildly iodine-insufficient many people may be thinking that it doesn’t affect them directly, or that they don’t have a thyroid problem so why should they take any notice?

  • Make sure your patients leave feeling better than when they arrived

    It may sound glaringly obvious but a key aspect of any consultation is that your patients leave feeling better than they did when they arrived.

  • Top Tips for a Beach Body

    Summer beach holidays have to be up there as one of the biggest motivators for wanting to get into shape.  If the thought of skimpy summer clothing and swimwear fills you with dread then don’t panic just yet - there’s still time...

  • How to Cope with Exam Stress

    Exam season is upon us once again, and the stresses and strains that come along with that can be a tricky time for students and parents alike.  Whilst a bit of stress can be motivating and help students to knuckle down with their work; if stress levels start to soar out of control they can have the opposite effect...

  • Key Nutrients to Support a Healthy Heart

    There are so many modifiable dietary and lifestyle factors that you can take charge of to positively influence the long term health of your heart.  In addition to a healthy diet, regular exercise and not smoking, there are key nutrients that can support a healthy cardiovascular system.

  • Need a Helping Hand with Exams?

    Thousands of teenagers and students will be sitting important exams over the coming weeks, whether it’s GCSE’s, A-levels or University finals. For the majority of students this will be an intense and stressful few weeks!  Nutri Advanced provide a range of nutritional supplements which will support...