Choosing The Right Live Bacteria


Once unheard of "good bacteria" are now a well-known for their benefits.  From healthy bacterial yoghurt drinks to capsules containing billions of friendly organisms; cultivating your friendly bacteria has never seemed so complicated! 

The world of live bacteria however is one that’s worth getting your head round because many health professionals now agree that a daily dose of good bacteria supplement may be even more important than a daily multi, and its significance for your health is right up there with vitamin D. 

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the probiotic formula that’s right for you:

Choosing the right live bacteria

Why choose Nutri Advanced for your probiotics?

 • Scientifically studied, exclusive strains – not all strains are the same. The strains we use are scientifically proven to be effective, unlike most other products on the market.

 • Guaranteed stability and quality – Advanced stabilisation technology and manufacturing processes means the organisms remain stable through processing.

 • Proven delivery and survival – An effective live bacteria product must reach and colonise the gastrointestinal tract.  To do this, the bacteria must be able to tolerate bile, gastric juices and acids.  Nutri Advanced products have demonstrated these essential qualities.

 • High potency – UltraProbioplex contains 15 billion organisms and our intensive formula contains 60 billion organisms per capsule and this is guaranteed right through to expiry, if refrigerated. Our new product ProbotiX is shelf stable and guarantees 5 billion bacteria right through to expiry, at room temperature.

 • Capsules, powder and non-dairy formulations – a comprehensive range means you can choose the formula that best fits your lifestyle.


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