In this folder you will find recipes from past newsletters.

  • Fermented Foods Explained: Benefits & Recipes

    Read more about fermented foods and why they are so good for you & your gut health, and can even offer relief for Irritable Bowel Symptoms.

  • Delicious & Healthy Vegan Dessert Recipes to Beat PMS Cravings

    Heather Peeks, founder of Roar Fuel, shares recipes that are raw, vegan, healthy, & full of ingredients that satisfy PMS cravings & don’t aggravate PMS symptoms

  • Brain Boosting All-Natural Power Smoothie

    A natural organic berry smoothie recipe for boosting brain power including yoghurt, oats and seeds to support brain health during exams & tests.

  • Banana Tea - a simple, gooey sleep remedy!

    If you’ve ever spent a sleepless night tossing and turning to no avail, you’ll be no doubt familiar with the “I’ll try anything to get some rest” feeling that follows a night of zero sleep.  We can’t find any scientific evidence for the effectiveness of this remedy, but monkeys swear by it, so we reckon it’s worth a try!

  • Surprising Aphrodisiac Foods

    Oysters, chilli peppers and chocolate are well known culinary aphrodisiacs, yet there’s many more that you’ve probably never heard of.

  • A Day of Plant Powered Recipes for Sporting Success

    Many succesful athletes are vegan, here's a selection of they're plant powered recipes...

  • Healthy Recipe Suggestions

    Here are a selection of recipes taken from our 14 Day NutriClean Programme, which can also be made as part of the 10 Day ExpressClear Programme. 

  • A Selection of Festive Recipes

    Christmas is just around the corner now and here in the Nutrition office we've been talking about recipes and food ideas that regularly make an appearance on our tables over the festive period...

  • Spook-tacular Halloween Recipes

    Here’s our collection of Halloween-inspired recipes.  Some are super nutritious, some aren’t, but all are fun to make and delicious to eat!

  • It's World Egg Day

    Today is World Egg Day and since eggs are a firm favourite in the Nutri Advanced nutrition team office we’ve decided to put together a collection of super healthy and tasty ways to include more eggs in your diet...

  • Easy ways to get more turmeric into your diet...

    Not only a powerhouse of super health due to the high levels of curcumin it contains, turmeric is also a mild spice that can add depth and flavour to many Indian inspired dishes.  The bright yellow spice has a bitter peppery flavour and can be used to liven up many everyday recipes. 

  • Eggs, cholesterol, constipation & more

    The humble egg can form the basis of many a healthy meal or snack as far as I’m concerned.  But still the egg is shrouded in controversy – from worries that eggs are bad news for cholesterol, to concerns about constipation – many people are still confused about eggs and so avoid them ‘just in case’...

  • How do nutritionists keep hunger at bay?

    If you want to keep your energy levels nicely balanced throughout the day, you need to eat snacks.  Not just any old snack though!  Opt for one of our nutritionist-approved versions instead and stick to these 3 simple snacking guidelines..

  • Recipes to get you to the gym and keep you going!

    You’ll get so much more out of your workout if you eat well.  Here’s a few recipes designed to inject some optimal nutrition into your workout.   Ready, Steady, Go!

  • Why you can't make yoghurt out of our probiotics

    It’s a question we’ve been asked quite a bit recently so we thought we’d share the answer with you all.

  • Kefir - The new superfood?

    Everyone who’s anyone is thinking of, talking about or simply drinking this staggeringly nutritious drink.  So what is it? What’s so good about it? And how can you get some into your diet? Read on to find out…

  • How to Cope With Fussy Eaters

    Most children go through a stage of ‘fussy’ eating at some point in their lives.  For some, this may last for a day or two, and for others it can go on for much longer.  Up to a third of children aged two could be described as fussy eaters...

  • Nutri Superfood Plus - How do you like yours?

    New Nutri Superfood Plus is a convenient superfood powder formula that mixes easily with water to make a delicious, nutritious chocolatey drink.  We’ve had some fun in the office recently trying to come up with a range of recipes...

  • Punch-packing Pomegranate!

    Pomegranates are just delicious – especially at this time of year.  Who doesn’t want to sit with a cocktail stick and half a pomegranate, carefully plucking out its deliciously nutritious bright red jewels? Yum!

  • Why you should be adding beetroot to your shopping list...

    The intensely deep purple colour of beetroot hint at its hidden superpowers - intensely-coloured fruits and vegetables are often packed full of more vitamins, minerals and supercharged phytonutrients than their paler counterparts.

  • Want to Increase your Fruit and Veg Intake? Start Juicing!

    Getting into the habit of juicing fruits and vegetables is a great way to dramatically increase your intake of the multitude of beneficial compounds found in fruits and vegetables.  Here’s a few simple recipes to get you started...

  • Love to Juice? Why your liver will thank you for it...

    Serious juice fans will tell you that juicing can change your life.  The benefits of juicing have been much talked about for years, yet what was once considered to be the domain of only the most serious of health enthusiasts is now enjoyed by many – today, juicers adorn the kitchen worktops of many a household in the UK.

  • Tandoori tempeh kebabs with mint raita

    Finding new dishes can sometimes be a challenge with a vegetarian diet; many people complain of being stuck in a rut resorting to cooking the same meals time and again. Here is a lovely recipe for a light supper that is both meat-free and delicious...

  • Summer Salads

    Salads have enjoyed a welcome surge in popularity in recent years.  No longer just a piece of limp lettuce, tomato and cucumber on a plate, there are endless potential combinations that will both delight your taste buds and nourish your health too.  Summer is the perfect time to start experimenting, so here’s a few ideas to get you started….

  • Avocado and Coconut Popsicles

    A thirst-quenching tasty treat and skin super-food all wrapped up in one easy-to make frozen popsicle! Make in advance and keep handy in the freezer for when you fancy a cool, refreshing summer treat without all the sugar and empty calories....

  • Vitamin-E Rich Avocado and Chocolate Mousse

    This is a fantastic easy and quick recipe for a nutritious and delicious treat!  Packed full of vitamin E, essential fats and antioxidants it’s ideal for a quick vitamin E boost and as a tasty snack to support healthy weight loss too.

  • Chicken with Forty Garlic Cloves!

    If you fancy getting some more garlic into your diet here’s a classic French recipe you might be brave enough to try! This casserole contains a huge amount of garlic, which, according to the seventeenth century herbalist, Thomas Culpeper is ‘a remedy for all diseases and hurts’.

  • Superfood Salad

    As the nights get lighter and the weather starts to warm up, a superfood salad becomes all the more appealing – packed with colourful nutrients to nourish your body and mind.  I love simple recipes that deliciously deliver optimum nutrition without too much prep and this one ticks all the boxes for precisely that reason...

  • Green Eggs for Breakfast...

    This recipe is a super-healthy take on green eggs.  It makes a brilliant breakfast, especially for targeting blood sugar balance, and weight loss and improved body composition too.