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Just a few weeks ago, we chatted in the nutrition office about what it feels like to be approaching the end of such a busy year. We chattered away about the things we’d enjoyed most about our roles in 2019 and we were left quite surprised by just how much we’d achieved.  The conversation happened by accident but it turned out to be a lovely thing to do, especially before starting another busy new year, where there’s lots more in the pipeline!

When life is busy, it’s important to pause, reflect back and take stock of just how far you’ve come. It’s especially important to do this before starting another busy period, or you fail to appreciate just what’s been achieved and also take the learning and consider how you might do things differently next time.

Here we decided to share with you some snippets of our conversation; our personal highlights of 2019 and the things we’re looking forward to next year.

Wishing you all a wonderful new year!

Katherine Pardo – Head of Nutrition & Education

“2019 has been such a busy and productive year for the Nutrition team, and I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved looking back on it!

We’ve been fully focussed on how we can better serve our practitioners and as a result have given our professional education programme a complete re-fresh and brought in new members to the team, Sam and Gill, to connect with our practitioners and help support them in any way they can.

We’ve also been investing heavily in our own education and enjoying regular team “geek outs” so we can continue to develop excellent products, and provide the expert advice and support our practitioners are looking for.

We have a jam-packed calendar for 2020 planned in, with some amazing new products to launch and a host of educational events for our practitioners to enjoy, and I’m really looking forward to getting started!”

Elouise Bauskis – Naturopath & Technical Support

“I still get heartfelt joy and deep satisfaction on a daily basis from helping people, especially over the phone, which is a major part of my job. Every call and personal connection is different, which is exciting and often challenging too. I connect with practitioners, student practitioners and consumers too, to discuss technical questions, difficult cases, specific aspects of health and illness. I love helping to unravel it all, whilst sharing knowledge and experience.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting out into practitioner groups, clinics, and health food stores, meeting people within our industry, providing training and expanding their understanding of all things Nutri Advanced. I’ve loved attending industry events, the pinnacle being our own “The Science of Health” which was truly wonderful. Other special events include the ION 35th Birthday Celebration and the Nutrition Network Summer Solstice Breakfast – which were both fabulous opportunities to connect with so many special people within our industry.

The most exciting moment was meeting and talking with the “Father of Functional Medicine”, Dr Jeff Bland, at our “An Evening with Dr Jeff Bland” event. I’ve been inspired by him for 30 years, so it was very special to meet him personally, as he is a truly amazing human being.”

Laura Murphy - Nutritionist

“2019 has certainly been a year of professional and personal achievements as I qualified as a Nutritional Therapist in October after completing the 3-year diploma with the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM). I decided to sign up as even though I already had a BSc in Public Health and an MSc in Nutrition under my belt, I felt I could expand my knowledge by undertaking a course more relevant to the industry Nutri Advanced introduced me to.

What I didn’t realise was the amount of hard work, sacrifice and dedication, even with my previous qualifications, this course would involve - 5am starts, late nights, weekends sat at my laptop, missed catch-ups with friends and loved ones, every second weekend spent in Manchester at CNM alongside working full-time with Nutri Advanced. Despite my best intentions, my work-life balance definitely tipped the scale in favour of work which I am sure the majority of practitioners can relate to.

All that said, I wouldn’t change it, as the knowledge, clinical experience and new friendships I have gained outweighs the sacrifice, but I am enjoying getting my work-life balance back to a healthy level and putting self-care (and wedding planning for my May wedding!) back at the top of the priority list.” 

Angela Ramsden – Nutrition & Technical Administrator

“This year, my highlight definitely has to be the positive comments we frequently get on phone calls, emails, webinars and programmes on the service we provide.  It never ceases to put a smile on my face every time I hear the words “Thank you so much for your help!” And it’s great to let the rest of the team know we’re doing a good job.  It’s easy though for us to do a good job because, as a team, we are friends as well as work colleagues and this definitely helps us to enjoy coming to work to provide the best advice and support that we possibly can – knowing we’re making a real difference in helping you to help your clients is just brilliant. 

So, I’d like to thank you all personally for putting a smile on my face this year!” 

Here’s just some snippets of what you had to say…

“Out of all the supplement companies out there, you are the best I’ve ever dealt with – from answering the phones promptly and friendly, for the excellent advice I receive for clients and product selection, the level of education and support being extremely valuable along with prompt dispatch – just everything!  I honestly couldn’t praise you more on how friendly and helpful you all are.  I feel very valued as a Nutri customer!”

“I just wanted to give a massive shout out to Jo Gamble and Laura and all the Nutri Team who have been supporting the NutriClean Programme.  It has been fascinating and well worth doing as a practitioner.  I have lost weight and inches, my energies have significantly improved and I have learned a ton.  I would def recommend!!”

Gemma Khoo – NPD/Regulatory Manager & Nutritionist

“After nearly a year off on maternity leave after the birth of my second daughter Clara, I returned to work in February excited to be back in the office and ready to get stuck back into product development. Over the last few months I’ve been busy organising our product development pipeline – we’ve just seen the recent launches of Collagen Forte and CurcuDyn Forte - and we have so many exciting new products to bring to you next year! I can’t give too much away just yet… but those of you who see lots of clients with digestive issues should keep their eyes peeled in the New Year – especially if you’ve ever had one of those really tricky clients with gut problems where nothing seems to work for them, no matter what you do!

I’ve been really lucky to keep abreast of the latest trends and innovations by attending trade shows such as Vitafoods in Geneva and Food Matters Live in London. I’ve also visited several of our suppliers and recently I had the chance to visit the Eskimo-3 factory in Falköping, Sweden, where we had a tour of the factory and got to chat about lots of new ideas with the product team there.

My older daughter Lizzie started school in September and I feel like I’m now just about getting to grips with the juggle that is school, nursery, work and home life! Being part of the nutrition team here at Nutri Advanced always makes it easy to come to work and I’m very excited about everything we have planned for next year.”

Sarah Sharpe - Senior Nutritionist

“One of the highlights of 2019 for me must be welcoming Dr Jeffrey Bland back to the UK for our Science of Health lecture. Dr Bland shared the stage with our very own Jo Gamble, Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis, and Amanda Hamilton.

Connecting leaders in their field with our practitioners to share knowledge is one of the things that makes working at Nutri Advanced so enjoyable for me and after the latest review of our education we are looking to bring even more education to our practitioners in 2020, including more webinars and more live events.

What was apparent from the last year is that getting back to our roots and connecting with practitioners is something that works for both us and for you and we hope to continue working like this for years to come.” 

Rachel Bartholomew – Nutritionist & Health Writer

“This year I’ve really enjoyed meeting up with fellow practitioners at events such as The Science of Health, IHCAN Summit and LifeCode GX seminars.  Whilst I appreciate the learning convenience of webinars, I love having the opportunity to connect in person, to chat about successes and challenges, and everyday stuff, and to remind me of the lovely network of people that work in this industry.

When I’m not working with clients in clinic, I’m usually writing educational resources and articles for The Supplement, Nutri Advanced’s practitioner newsletter. Over the last year, a particular highlight of mine has been collaborating with other practitioners to bring a variety of voices and clinical insights into the newsletter.  I feel passionate about this, as I think learning from others’ experience is one of the best ways you can grow as a practitioner. 

Here’s just a few of my favourite articles this year:
In Conversation with Jo Gamble
Taking a Moment to Pause with Dr Steven Sandberg Lewis
Founder of Lifecode GX Emma Beswick on genetic testing, key SNPs and more
Dr Jeffrey Bland: Healthcare shouldn’t be owned by the disease-care system

Next year I’m looking forward to helping more clients in clinic, connecting with practitioners and learning at events, and finding lots of exciting and valuable things to write about in The Supplement, so watch this space!”

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