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What makes Nutri Advanced’s Magnesium ‘optimum’?

Optimum absorption
We use magnesium glycinate which does not dissociate in the gut like other forms of magnesium and avoids competition with other minerals for absorption.

Well tolerated formulas
Not only does magnesium have a better uptake in a glycinate form, it is also better tolerated with lower risk of gastric side effects such as diarrhoea, than other forms of magnesium.

Powder supplements
Our MegaMag® supplements are provided as powders which means we can deliver more of the bulkier nutrients, such as minerals and amino acids, that would usually necessitate large or numerous tablets to achieve the optimal dose. We also offer magnesium glycinate in a convenient tablet for those who don’t like drinking supplements.

Delicious flavours
We provide multiple delicious flavours of MegaMag® which can be combined together or mixed with cordial and juice to add variation.

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