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Why do Nutritionists Love Nutri Superfood Plus?

Why do Nutritionists Love Nutri Superfood Plus?

The launch of a new product is a bit like crossing the finish line of a race.  Every new product first starts with an idea, which is then taken through many different stages before it finally reaches the shelves of our warehouse.

One of our favourite stages is the taste test!  An important feature of our powder formulations is that they must taste good without compromising on the nutritional quality.  We knew we were onto a winner when we started formulating Nutri Superfood Plus – because it tastes so good and yet raises the bar for nutritional quality too.  It’s the addition of the innovative new ingredient Chocamine® – a patented cocoa extract that delivers all the benefits of chocolate (including the taste!) without the sugar, fat and dairy – that makes Nutri Superfood Plus so incredibly tasty.

Here’s what a few members of our nutrition department have to say about Nutri Superfood Plus:

Katy Petter – Senior Nutritionist
Considering what is in the product and how good it is for you, I am gobsmacked at how delicious it is!  I like to mix it with a serving of UltraMeal Whey Vanilla and cold water and have it in between lunch and my evening meal – which can be a long stretch from noon to 7pm on most days.  It stops me reaching for any snacks, helps get me through a run or swim and tops up my fruit and veg intake all at the same time!

Laura Murphy - Nutritionist
As a Nutritionist I tend to eat pretty healthy every day, I like to follow the 80:20 rule - 80% clean eating and the other 20% whatever I like. Some days however, life gets in the way and I find myself ill prepared or short on time so that's where I love to use Nutri Superfood Plus.  I can just stick it in a shaker with some ice cold water for an easy snack or else add a protein powder like UltraPro Whey and have a quick, satisfying and healthy breakfast. Knowing I am still getting a range of nutrients is a bonus!  Also due to it being chocolate flavour, it curbs my chocolate cravings without having to succumb to a chocolate bar!

Katherine Pardo – Nutrition Team Manager
I love Nutri SuperFood Plus because it's just so easy to take, either on its own, added to shakes and smoothies, or even added to normal everyday foods. And there's more than 20 different types of fruits and veg in it so it's incredibly nutritious too.

Don’t just take our word for it though.  Why not try for yourself, the chocolatey goodness of New Nutri Superfood Plus.  We’d love to hear what you think…