Nutri Thyroid 90 Tablets

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Nutri Thyroid 90 Tablets

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Nutri Thyroid is a hormone-free glandular extract providing 140mg of thyroid concentrate from a bovine source. Nutri Thyroid does not contain any hormones.

The thyroid glandular concentrate contains amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals that are naturally present in the thyroid gland. In studies glandulars have been shown to be stable in the gut, survive the conditions of the gut, and an amount of the extract will pass intact into the bloodstream. In this way it may support the healthy function of the thyroid gland.

Glandular therapy uses animal tissue concentrates to support the function of the equivalent human gland health. Historically, glandulars have a rich medical tradition dating as far back as Aristotle. Bovine glands are used in Nutri Thyroid as they are very similar to human glands. Up until relatively recently organ meats were an important part of human nutrition. Today however we rarely consume them.

Nutri Thyroid is sourced from grass-fed New Zealand cattle, raised without the use of antibiotics or hormonal growth stimulants. New Zealand is a certified BSE-free country and has never had any reported cases of BSE.

The thyroid gland is prepared by removing any fat and cleaning the gland. It is then freeze dried which ensures that all essential active nutrients, including enzymes, are retained. There is no heat or solvents used in the process.

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Thyroid concentrate contains the amino acids naturally present in the thyroid gland. 


Each tablet typically contains       % NRV*
Thyroid concentrate*   140mg  

*Bovine source from New Zealand
* NRV is the Nutrient Reference Value
✝ NRV not yet established

Tableted with

Dicalcium phosphate

Microcrystalline cellulose

Beef tissue powder 

Silicon dioxide

Magnesium stearate

Coating (Food glaze)

This product is hypoallergenic / does not contain any of the 14 major allergens listed in Annex II (1169/2011) of the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation.


1-3 tablets daily with food, or as directed.


If pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any kind of medication or have a medical condition, consult a healthcare practitioner before using this product.


Can tablet be split into a smaller size?
Yes.  A pill cutter may be required.

Nutri Advanced supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Results may vary between individuals.

Product Updates

July 2019

Nutri Thyroid has had a minor reformulation. A small amount of beef tissue has been added to improve flowability of the tablet during tableting, and Magnesium searate has replaced stearic acid.




"Trustpilot Review"

Review by Anna Posted on 25/04/2020
Amazing product.

"Trustpilot Review"

Review by Viktoriia Posted on 04/10/2019
All excellent

"Trustpilot Review"

Review by Nicky Hill Posted on 08/05/2019
Excellent product

"Trustpilot Review"

Review by Idom Merebrook Posted on 11/10/2018
An excellent product would recommend.

"Trustpilot Review"

Review by Eleonora Moulton Posted on 12/03/2018
I have been taking this tablets for two years and honestly and dose of L thyroxine has been reduced from 150 mg to 100mg

"Trustpilot Review"

Review by Jude Posted on 01/02/2018
Great product
Reliable service
Reasonable prices

"Trustpilot Review"

Review by John McKeever Posted on 17/01/2018
Essential to support and synergize with adrenal supplement

"Trustpilot Review"

Review by Sue Husher Posted on 24/08/2016
helps with my hypothyroid problems