Nutrigest 90 Tablets

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Nutrigest 90 Tablets
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Nutrigest is a potent combination of hydrochloric acid (HCl), digestive pancreatic enzymes and ox bile to help support digestion in the stomach and small intestine

Key Features

  • HCl aims to support healthy stomach acid levels
  • Enzymes and ox bile are included to support the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats
  • An acidic environment in the stomach is crucial for the breakdown (denaturing) of proteins
  • Adequate levels of HCl are also needed to stimulate the pancreas to secrete digestive enzymes
  • This occurs once the partially digested food mixture is released from the stomach into the small intestine
  • A low pH (acidic) is also vital for supporting immune function, as potentially harmful microbes cannot live in an acidic environment
  • Pancreatin is combined with pancrelipase providing a mixture of pancreatic enzymes including amylase, protease and lipase that help further break down food in the small intestine
  • Ox bile helps to emulsify (mix) the fats from food, helping them to be absorbed

Why choose Nutrigest?

    It's not just what we eat, but how well we can digest and actually absorb it that counts! If stomach acid levels fall too low this can result in difficulties digesting protein, and may also result in low levels of digestive enzymes and bile being secreted during the digestive process. A supplement containing HCl and pancreatic enzymes may be a very helpful way to support digestion.

Who is it suitable for?

As we age our bodies may produce less HCl. This can also occur in either acute or chronic illness. Nutrigest is suitable for those who may have compromised digestive function, who may benefit from a broad-spectrum digestive support supplement to facilitate more optimum digestion and assimilation. Nutrigest is not suitable for individuals with gastritis or ulcers

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Hydrochloric acid (HCl) denatures dietary proteins and facilitates the digestive action of enzymes. HCl also stimulates the pancreas to secrete more digestive enzymes when released into the duodenum from the stomach.


Pancreatin is combined with pancrelipase providing a mixture of pancreatic enzymes that help break down protein, fats and starches.


Amylase digests fats and starches.


Ox bile helps in the emulsification of dietary fats. 


Each two-phase tablet typically contains:

Betaine HCl


L-Glutamic Acid HCl




  protease (from papain)

800,000 PU(2)

Pepsin 1:10,000


Pancreatin (porcine) (8x)



15,000 USP(1)


15,000 USP(1)


1200 USP(1)

Amylase [1200 SKB(4)]




  protease (from bromelain)

36 GDU(3)

Ox Bile (bovine*)


*Bovine source from New Zealand             


1) United States Pharmacopeia 2) Proteolytic unit according to the FCC (food chemical codex) 3) Gelatin digesting unit 4) Standtedt, Kneen and Blish method


Tableted with:

Dicalcium phosphate

Microcrystalline cellulose

Stearic acid

Silicon dioxide

Food glaze

Coating (polyvinyl alcohol, talc, polyethelene glycol, polysorbate)


1 tablet at the onset of a meal, up to three times daily.


Not recommended for individuals with gastritis or ulcers. Do not chew or break the tablet. Tablet must be swallowed whole. If pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any kind of medication or have a medical condition, consult a healthcare practitioner before using this product.

Nutri Advanced supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Results may vary between individuals.


"Trustpilot Review"

Review by Mach_house Posted on 14/12/2018
This is my third order of these and I find them very good.

"Trustpilot Review"

Review by Elizabeth M Kellond Posted on 10/12/2018
They really do what it says they do!

"Trustpilot Review"

Review by Ana Sousa Posted on 24/10/2018
Great product to help with my son’s digestion as he is gluten and dairy intolerant

"Trustpilot Review"

Review by M Chavasse Posted on 19/09/2018
As a Nutritionist i often use Nutrigest for those people who are producing insufficient digestive enzymes (something that happens naturally as we age). An effective product.

"Trustpilot Review"

Review by Anne Hollway Posted on 30/08/2018
I have suffered with IBS wind and bloat for years and this is the only produce I have found to keep it under control

"Trustpilot Review"

Review by Carly Beeson Posted on 10/06/2018
Changed my life, I’ve been struggling to digest food for years. After having these suggestioned to me, I’ve never looked back.

"Trustpilot Review"

Review by Mrs Jane Riley Posted on 30/03/2018
it was incredibly difficult to find a digestive enzyme that had both HCL and sometehing to stiumlate bile production and that was affordable. Very well done to Nutrigest for ticking all the boxes.

"Trustpilot Review"

Review by Roisin Neely Posted on 27/01/2018
Helped me so much with eating, I couldn't stomach eating at all, no appetite and was losing muscle mass and weight quite seriously, I had bad acid reflux also and doctor recommended these, explained my stomach had shrunk, and my own stomach acid was low. I'd never have guessed ox bile would be the answer but there you go. I take one with every high protein meal and the difference is brilliant, no acid reflux, barely any nausea now after eating and I'm actually hungry for my meals. Great to enjoy food again

"Trustpilot Review"

Review by daniela florio Posted on 24/06/2016
My life changed sonce on these tablets recommended by my endocrinologisr. Cannot recommend enough!