Magnesium Range

Feel the benefits right away

It’s highly likely that the foods you eat don’t contain enough magnesium – even if your diet is carefully managed. That’s due to several factors, including soil that’s low in nutrients and packaged foods which lack goodness. In fact, a National Diet and Nutrition Survey found the magnesium levels of almost everyone in Britain would not meet recommended amounts.

When the body isn’t getting sufficient amounts of magnesium the effects can be far-reaching and dramatic. Energy levels, mood, hormones and sports performance can all be affected.

Our high strength supplements have an almost immediate effect. The magnesium within them is quickly absorbed, allowing your system to get on with its job right away. And because our magnesium supplements are in glycinate form, they’re suitable for those with sensitive gastrointestinal systems. Aside from being easy for the body to assimilate, our professional strength supplements come in a range pleasant flavours and with synergistic nutrients to enhance their effectiveness. 

Find out more about our Magnesium supplements and their benefits in the information supplied. 


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