Inulin is a special type of soluble fibre that occurs naturally in many plants, including chicory root, garlic, leek, agave, onion, artichoke, banana and dandelion (among 36,000 other plants). Inulin is considered a ‘prebiotic’ because it passes through the stomach and duodenum without being digested. This means it reaches the intestines intact, where it can be used as fuel for the good bacteria, providing them with the nourishment they need to flourish and keep the colon wall healthy. In this way, inulin may help to support a healthy balance of gut flora.

Our popular low GI metabolic food UltraMeal contains on average over 2000mg of inulin per serving. Our UltraMeals are a range of nutritional powders containing a blend of vitamins and minerals that are suitable for vegetarians and have been designed to support healthy weight management. 

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