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Involved in over 300 reactions in the body, zinc is a vital mineral that we need in order to function properly. Amongst other areas, zinc is involved in cognitive function, keeping our immune system working and bone and vision health.

As zinc cannot be produced or stored within the body, it must be consumed as part of our diet, as part of our diet. For those that may struggle to consume enough from your regular diet, zinc supplements may help to ensure that you are getting the recommended daily intake.

When choosing a zinc supplement, it is important to look at how absorbable and bioavailable the zinc is. Here at Nutri Advanced, our zinc supplements have been specially formulated for optimum absorption and are in the preferred form for your body to use.

Zinc Supplements

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There are many benefits of taking zinc supplements for our overall health, including helping with cognitive function, immune health, bones and also our vision, hair, nails and skin. Zinc can also help to protect cells from oxidative stress, helping people to age in a healthy way.

Meat, seafood and poultry are good sources of zinc, and although there are plant-based options, supplements are a good alternative for particular lifestyles. The benefit of zinc supplements is that you know you will have consumed the suggested daily dosage.

There are many different types of zinc supplements on the market, however, the most important thing to look for is absorbability. For example, zinc picolinate is a form of zinc found in supplements which enables rapid absorption, making it easier for it to work quicker in the body. Zinc powders are an effective supplement.

Men aged 19 to 64 should consume around 9.5mg of zinc per day and women should consume around 7mg. Most zinc supplements will contain the required safe daily dosage.

One side effect of taking zinc supplements is that it can lead to a decrease in copper levels in the body. High levels of zinc in the body for a prolonged period can prevent copper from being absorbed, so people taking zinc powders or supplements long term may need to supplement copper.

It is best to take zinc supplements an hour before or after a meal in order to maximise absorption. Taking zinc everyday is safe, as long as you do not exceed 25mg.