Stress and Anxiety Webinar

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Stress and Anxiety Webinar

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Stress and Anxiety are continual growing problem for the UK. Statistics suggest that almost 40% of absenteeism in 2014 was stress-related, but yet a third of employers admit that they’re doing nothing to address it. Unfortunately the UK remains a culture where many people will only seek medical help when they cannot go on, assuming that they’ve passed the point of functional medicine being beneficial. But that’s not the case, functional medicine can be just as effective form those suffering from chronic stress and anxiety.

In this webinar Jo will explore what it means to be ‘stressed’ and the different ways it is displayed between individuals. She will look at the short term effects like increased heart rate and breathing to the longer term consequence like increased blood pressure, increased/decreased appetite and low mood. She will consider how this differs to anxiety, which is usually typified by symptoms including dizziness, heart palpitations, nausea and feelings of uneasiness.

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Jo Gamble 

Jo has been a behavioral therapist for the last 15 years where she has specialized in children with autism and complex learning difficulties. Jo uses her skills and experience to compliment her nutritional therapy; this is particularly beneficial for the children she works with. Jo has now chosen to add to her specialities by pursuing her passion for making a difference to people with cancer, working alongside them on their journey, leaving no stone unturned. Jo works with many children through the charity KICT and Alfie’s Trust, and adults around the country and internationally. Jo is now a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and is board certified with the Academy of Anti Aging Medicine in the USA. Jo’s passion to educate both her clients and other practitioners had led to becoming a senior lecture for The College of Naturopathic Medicine as well as regularly lecturing for Nutri Advanced.


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