Stress: The Disease of 21st Century Living

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Stress: The Disease of 21st Century Living
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Wouldn’t it be great if we could tell our patients that we’re going to help to solve their stress? As knowledgeable functional medicine practitioners and health coaches we know we can give our patients the tools to help significantly improve their stress symptoms. After all, that’s what we trained for. But sometimes, it helps to have a system.

And Jo Gamble is here to provide you with a multi-system model to help you to help your patients with stress on the road to recovery quicker, faster and more effectively.  Not overnight, and not without a considerable amount of hard work, persistence and compliance from the patient, but we can do it. Jo will also talk you through complex case studies from her own clinic to show you how she puts all this into practice

Stress has become one of the leading drivers of chronic illness in the 21st century.  It comes in many forms and can be acute or chronic.  In an emergency situation, the acute stress response can literally save your life, as your body is primed to fight or take flight.  It’s only when stress becomes chronic that this vital response can start to work against you.  When stress is ongoing, your body is constantly on high alert.  And the lifesaving stress response slowly and insidiously starts to eat away at the very life force it evolved to protect. 

Help your patients to break away from the habit of stress

Stress has become a habitual, almost essential part of 21st century Western living.  In this 1 hour webinar you will learn how to help yourself and your clients to break away from this norm and start to do things differently.  

CPD Awarded: 1 hour

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Stress, Anxiety

What you’ll learn:

- Diet, lifestyle and supplement protocols for managing the physical impacts of stress

- How to recognise clients that are suffering with anxiety and stress

- How stress and anxiety can have a major impact on other conditions and body systems

- How to support physiological processes and how to explain it to your clients

- How effective interventions can improve stress and anxiety



Jo has been a behavioral therapist for the last 15 years where she has specialized in children with autism and complex learning difficulties. Jo uses her skills and experience to compliment her nutritional therapy; this is particularly beneficial for the children she works with.

Jo has now chosen to add to her specialties by pursuing her passion for making a difference to people with cancer, working alongside them on their journey, leaving no stone unturned.  Jo works with many children through the charity KICT and Alfie’s Trust, and adults around the country and internationally.

Jo is now a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and is board certified with the Academy of Anti Aging Medicine in the USA.

Jo’s passion to educate both her clients and other practitioners had led to becoming a senior lecture for The College of Naturopathic Medicine as well as regularly lecturing for Nutri Advanced.


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